What Is Chromotherapy And What Are Its Benefits?

By: Dzhingarov

Chromotherapy (commonly referred to as color therapy, cromatherapy or colorology) can be defined as being an alternative treatment method. It takes advantage of the effect that colors have on people in order to alleviate some conditions, thus the “therapy” mention.

Color therapy uses chi in lights of different colors, gemstones, plants and crystals. Usually, the main purpose is to create a positive effect. Every single color has vibrations that affect emotions, physical health and mood.

Colors Affect You


Chromotherapy is very effective because of the fact that color is practically a light form. It is an electromagnetic energy variation you can use in order to start changes in you.

Every single color that is utilized in chromotherapy offers its unique healing properties. This is why the treatments of two people are different. Colors used are chosen based on what you want to gain.

A lot of people have doubts when referring to whether this therapy actually work. You just need to think about how the sun affects you to see that it works. When sunshine is not present, people experience SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This makes you feel anxious, depressed and lethargic. Color therapy is actually useful then since depressive symptoms end up being completely alleviated or at least reduced.

Similarly to any treatment type, chromotherapy has to only be conducted by a therapist that is properly trained. This individual can utilized various methods that will incorporate verbal suggestions, guided visualization techniques and countless other tools.

To put things as simple as possible, chromotherapy is meant to balance body energies. When this happens, physical, emotional or mental afflictions are improved. A therapist utilizes many possible tools, like:

  • Crystal wands
  • Colored fabrics
  • Colored contact lenses
  • Colored fabrics
  • Artificial lights
  • Candles
  • Gems
  • Glass prisms
  • Colored lasers
  • Colored water when bathing
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All of these tools help patients go over different ailments, although it is not as simple to just expose patients to colors. Many therapists use chromotherapy in a combination with many other therapies and tools.

Using Different Colors

Every color is capable of causing some body changes. We need to look at the colors and their properties in order to properly understand how chromotherapy will help you. The very common colors used are:



This color stimulates a better blood flow. You often see the color used for the medications that increase blood oxygen supply. Red glasses and rooms have a strong uplifting effect on people. In addition, baths with water that is red-colored or red lights help even paralysis patients to recover to some extent.



When you feel that you have to vomit, doctors prescribe yellow color medication. Most laxatives are yellowish in color. When trying to relieve constipation, you want to drink water and chromotherapy specialists recommend that you use some that was kept in wine bottles that were yellow. Even colds and respiratory infections were alleviated in the past with exposure to sunlight that was filtered with yellow glass.

Blue – Violet


These are colors that will help you to cool your body, thus helping with inflammation-caused conditions. Some conditions, like excessive urine production, delirium and diarrhea are relieved through such chromotherapy. This does explain why so many plants that are regularly used for medications are violet or blue.

One thing that few people know is that green tea is really a mixture of yellow and blue tints. When using chromotherapy, the blue lights are utilized to treating lung hemorrhages and sciatica. It is often combined with white light to help people recover from invalidism, nervousness and even rheumatism, when the regular medicine failed to offer good results.

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Daily Chromotherapy Use

chromotherapy kit

Fortunately for all of us, you do not actually need to go to a therapist in order to gain effects from colors used. Positive colors can be incorporated in daily routine in many different ways so you can be happier and healthier. This includes things like changing how you dress or being careful with the color of the foods you eat.

Some of the really interesting practices that bring you more color on a daily basis are:

  • Repainting walls in the home to a color that is livelier.
  • Add items that are colorful to the décor of your home.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits that are colorful.
  • Dress with colors that are suitable for the day.
  • Use light bulbs that are colored when you light a lamp.
  • Be observant of colors around you to properly adapt.

Chromotherapy is definitely useful, even when not suffering from a specific ailment. You incorporate more vibrant and positive colors daily to end up feeling a lot better about you. This makes you more active and more productive.

Another thing that you can do is to rotate colors that you are exposed to every single day. This maximizes the enjoyed benefits. Also, color therapy can make everything a lot more fun. It can help you feel less stuck.

Final Thoughts

You can think chromotherapy work or not. However, there is no way to deny the fact that color influences you. It is always a really good idea to add more color to your life. You will feel better and you will gain benefits, even if you do not believe in chromotherapy. Just try it. You do not have to repaint the walls in your home. Just add colors whenever you can.