The Dietary Benefits of Green Tea

By: Dzhingarov

Many people neglect to recognize the significant health benefits associated with drinking tea. There are a variety of different teas available on the market, but none can compare to the unparalleled health effects produced by green tea. Green tea aids significantly in weight loss, because it possesses the amazing ability to speed the metabolism. It contains an ingredient referred to as polyphenol, which catalyzes the rate of metabolic processes responsible for burning and metabolizing fat. This is essential because in order to lose a single pound of fat, a person must burn in excess of 3500 calories. When you consider the taxing demands of a diet, green tea can truly expedite the course of any diet. Hence, if you want to reach your ideal weight range, it is highly recommended that you consume green tea.

Cup of Green Tea
By craig Cloutier under CC BY-SA 2.0

Green tea is also responsible for counteracting the effects of coronary heart disease, as well as arteriosclerosis. One of the key factors in heart disease is that is involves the accumulation of cholesterol components in the arteries. However, green tea, as noted above, can help metabolize fat. Hence, the less fat there is, the healthier you will be. Liver function is also impacted by the consumption of green tea. When individuals consume an excessive amount of fattening foods over time, this can result in what is referred to as a “fatty liver”. This type of condition can severely hinder the liver’s ability to process foods, leaving the body susceptible to toxins. With regard to free radicals, green tea can successfully rid the body of these toxic substances. Free radicals are responsible for the emergence of cancer in the body. Furthermore, green tea can prevent diseases such as esophageal cancer, because it kills cancer causing cells in the human body.

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The Brain and Green Tea

This special tea has also been regarded as a major preventative factor in the formation of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This particular tea has the ability to protect the nervous system from various types of degeneration, including that which is associated with the aforementioned diseases. On a psychological note, another great reason to buy green tea is because it has been said to reduce the likelihood of depression, as it aids in the stimulation of happiness forming neurotransmitter. This is essentially because it is the lack of reuptake of serotonin that results in the onset of depression.


Other Benefits

Green tea can also purportedly improve the appearance of skin, allowing it to develop and sustain a natural, beautiful glow. This is because it aids significantly in the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are responsible for the youthfulness and tightness of skin. When an individual is devoid of these components, they suffer from saggy and aged skin. Hence, green tea helps contribute to youth for those who drink it consistently. Green tea can also reduce the formation of bacterial and viral infections in the body by spiking the strength of the immune system. By boosting immune strength, it can also protect the human population from a variety of different infections and diseases. And of course, it helps lower blood pressure, as hypertension is a pervasive issue in the United States.

By Suzanne Lamoutte