Circular Strength Training Overview

By: Adrian Cruce

If you never heard about circular strength training (commonly referred to as CST) or you may believe that this is some sort of gym workout routine, you should not feel bad when you learn that this is not the case since most people from around the world never heard about it. CST is basically one of the body movement techniques that you can use as an alternative to regular workouts. At the same time, it is a lot more.

Circular Strength Training is basically a development system, one that is personal and that is implemented by approaching a daily practice routine. It will help you to become a much better person while not only just bringing in physical benefits. This is a technique that is actually used for various purposes, ranging from muscle building to preparing for a professional competition in various sports.

Explaining CST is not at all easy. It is not a program that you can download from the internet or see a DVD of someone practicing it. It is a method that you basically take and adapt in order to become fitter and to improve results. There are various CST programs that are designed especially for:

  • personal development
  • muscle building
  • fat loss
  • injury prevention
  • strength increase
  • and others

You will want to be faced with a guide that can take you through the process. While there are various YouTube clips that you can use as a starting point, talking with a practitioner is definitely a lot better since guidance is definitely necessary. Picture yourself wanting to do bodybuilding without reading a bodybuilding magazine. This is basically the same thing.

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Circular strength training, just as most of the body movement techniques, is a combination of various different practices. This includes, but is not limited to Qiqong, Yoga, Tai Chi, ceremonial mating rituals and even stripper moves. You use them mostly as a workout warm-up session but it is also possible to use CST in order to drastically increase the strength of your joints, which is something that many aspiring athletes forget. There are also some routines that you use as a cooldown and the clubbell training used in CST is used to build functional endurance and strength through various different exercises. You basically stay focused on regaining or gaining range of motion, making your body more responsive, while also working on your mental strength.

On the whole, circular strength training is something that is different and quite attractive, espeically for those that do not actually have a lot of time to work out too much at a gym or go through regular routines. It will not bring in as drastic results as other routines but it is a guarantee that results will appear, which is what you want.