Changing Your Mindset In Order To Lose Weight As Fast As Possible

By: Adrian Cruce

Steve Maraboli said:

“It’s not just about losing the weight; it’s about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there.”

One of the biggest problems with weight loss is that people have a wrong mindset. Many nutritionists and fitness trainers refer to it as “obese mindset”. When you have a negative mindset that is focused on bad habits, you cannot lose weight since you will not be able to actually perform all the necessary steps.

Characteristics Of The Obese Mindset

  • A meal is a highlight in a day.
  • The thought that you can eat a lot of unhealthy foods and not get fat.
  • Using food in order to feel good and be happy.
  • Thinking about food several times per day.
  • Thinking that you have to eat until you are full.

Characteristics Of A Normal Mindset

  • Never actually thinking about food.
  • Preferring to do something else than eat in order to be happy.
  • Seeing food as something that the body needs and not that you need.
  • Thinking that you have to eat only as much as the body needs.

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Things You Need To Do To Change Your Mindset

1. Accurate, Honest Thinking

Accurate thinking basically means that you are open to the fact that you lack some answers and you understand what is real. When you see an ad that gives health information you do not like or you believe you do not want to listen, there is a pretty good chance that there is something wrong with it. Honest thinking basically refers to the fact that when you see that someone says that he was successful by doing a specific thing, you analyze it objectively and figure out if it would work for you.

2. Do Change Your Personality To A Positive One

It might sound weird but your personality needs to be attractive in order for you to end up with an ideal body. This means that you need it to be positive and energetic. Think about people that are desperate, grumpy or grouchy. You will see and feel them in an instance.

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When you are upbeat, optimistic and positive, you make a long step towards being able to lose weight. That is because you gain desire, the desire to want to change your body so that you look as great as possible.

3. Go All In

This is hard but it is necessary. It is also true for anything that you do in life. In the event that you want to open your company and you want it to be successful, you have to be dedicated and do all that it takes to achieve success. It is the same with weight loss. Choose a really well documented weight loss method and do go all in.

Most people that go to the gym believe that they will simply use an old method in the event that working out does not work. Guess what! In this case you basically prepare to fail. When you go all in, you do not think about alternatives and you can put all your energy into working with the method that you choose.

4. Good Habits Need To Be Persistent

Human nature pushes us towards running on an autopilot schedule. This is directly linked to the habits we have. It is great for some people but in the event that you struggle with various weight problems, there is a huge possibility you have habits that are based on overweight consciousness.

It is really important that you define what the ideal body is for you, the habits that you need to have and how you actually want to appear in front of those around you. As soon as you create a list, start respecting it. We understand that it will be really hard in the beginning. However, in time, you will end up developing your new autopilot routine that is centered on proper habits like eating at the right times and always going to the gym. This basically makes it a lot easier to lose weight.

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Things You Should Never Do

1. Never Believe Methods That Look Too Good To Be True

It is weird to notice the fact that so many people believe in magical pills that will make them shed pounds in a couple of weeks. The only way in which you will be able to actually lose weight is be real about it. You need to put in the effort and work hard at it.

2. Don’t Use Excuses

There are always reasons why you should not work out or why you “deserve” a piece of chocolate. Do not cheat. Do not use such excuses. Those people that do lose weight will never have excuses. You cannot actually cheat. The only thing that you can do is make the necessary step.

3. Never Not Have A Purpose

Everything that you do has an attached reason why you do it. There are too many people that just say they want to lose weight but do not actually know why they want to do this. Never operate without purposes. If you have a purpose, you will see that everything is easier.

4. Don’t Lose Your Concentration/Focus

You have to stay focused on those things that you want and on those things that you do not want. You cannot have both negative and positive emotions present. Think about what emotions dominate your weight loss adventure and do all that it takes to make a switch towards the positive ones if the negative ones are present.

5. Never Lose Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is what will usually help you push forward. Any person that is enthusiastic will spread that around and it will have an impact that is stronger than what logic and reason have. Think about similar situations in the past and see when you were really enthusiastic. That is exactly what you need to feel right now.

Always be honest with yourself. This will help out the most. Losing weight is both a psychological and physical process.