Can Eating Low Carb Help You Manage Type II Diabetes?

By: Dzhingarov

Low carb diets are considered to be beneficial for those suffering from heart conditions and Type 2 diabetes. This is based on 2 recently published studies in Annals Of Internal Medicine and Diabetes Care. In the US alone there are around 26 million people that suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Also, over 1 third of US adults have some sort of cardiovascular disease.

In the first study, the one conducted by University Of Adelaide, the focus was put on low carb diets to see how heat health is impacted in patients affected by Type 2 diabetes. It was proven that this approach reduced A1C levels more than with other diets. Blood glucose reduction was not actually significant in some cases but when baseline levels were higher, the results were visible.

The official conclusion was that eating markedly limited carbohydrates while increasing unsaturated fat and protein is favorable for managing and optimizing Type 2 diabetes while also reducing the risk of being affected by a cardiovascular disease. Thinking about the long term effects of such a diet is something that is questionable though since this can cause more harm than good. Sustaining such a diet for over 24 weeks was not thoroughly investigated.

In the second study, conducted by Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, those using a low carb diet for one year had reduced body fat mass and weight while lean mass was increased. There was a reduction of C-reactive protein levels and a lower estimated coronary heart disease risk. Results were not impacted by participant race.

The official findings of the study were that those looking to lose weight and decrease heart disease risks can consider the low carbs diet. However, many analyzed this study and said that the real finding is that people have to find a good balance in the diet they have instead of eliminating a macronutrient like fat or carbohydrate. This is seen as what is the most beneficial to one’s health.

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The bottom line is that whenever affected by Type 2 diabetes the most important thing to look at is your nutrition. You will need to find balance in your diet plan so that you can counter the problems that could appear as the body is affected by the disease. At the same time, it seems that he low carb diet is beneficial, especially on the short term. This may be due to the large obesity grade that affects people suffering from the condition and is not necessarily connected to the disease itself. We can say that the low carb diet can help to manage Type 2 diabetes but we do not have enough proof about whether or not this is good as a long term solution.