Some Diabetes Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

By: Dzhingarov

To sustain a healthy life with diabetes, it’s essential for you to keep a tab on your glucose or can say blood sugar level. As a primary source of energy, glucose plays a very important role in creating your body works in desirable condition. With any type of diabetes, your blood sugar level is concerned. So, you need to be aware of related symptoms that symbolizes up or down on your glucose level.


Diabetes Symptoms
By Mikael Häggström  via Wikimedia Commons


Let’s explore some common symptoms:

  1. Losing Consciousness: If your blood sugar level drops too low, your brain can be affected and you start falling unconscious. If such thing happens, try to take about 15-20gms of simple sugars. For this, you can pick either a half a cup of orange juice or a tablespoon of sugar. After calling for such aid, if your blood glucose level returns to needed a target, then try to have a meal or snack to prevent it from sinking again. Also, be in touch with your doctor and let him know your episode of having low blood glucose. This dictation will help him in making a suitable treatment plan for your health.
  2. Extreme Urination: this symptom usually goes up when your blood sugar level crossed the prescribed limit. When you feel that you are passing urine more than the normal level (2 liters a day), then you should consult your doctor and ask for immediate blood sugar control means.
  3. Tremendous thirst: too much urination due to high blood sugar level could lead to excessive thirst which is not good at all. Such symptoms arise when something wrong with the normal routine. So, proceed to drink when you’re hungry. But, if you feel dehydrated, get the medical aid instantly.
  4. Extreme exhaustion: when your body fails to handle the high level of glucose, it falls exhausted even after a sound sleep of 7-8 hours per night. To avoid such condition, consult your doctor and ask for his advices on the same.
  5. Eye problems: with a shift in glucose level, eye problems can raise causing blur in vision or creating little spots in the eye. Such problems should be rectified within the prescribed time limit otherwise can create great trouble.
  6. Losing weight: when your glucose level rose, it affects your health in a worse condition. Due to the reason of excessive urination, you lose most of the calories which will affect your weight. Despite of having a sound eating plan, you fail to manage your weight and suffer from heavy losses in the same. To adjust such worse situation, ask your doctor to prepare an adjusted diabetic meal planner for you.
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The above mentioned symptoms are the signals for your diabetic condition. Once you got an alarm of anything, be aware and try to rectify it as soon as possible. Besides, you can avoid the above issues with an easy way to keep the track of your blood sugar level. Consult your doctor and ask him for your targeted glucose range and try to be within it.