Boost Fertility With Alternative Therapy

By: Adrian Cruce

Struggling to conceive is going to be very difficult for most couples. There are various different reasons why it is challenging to conceive. Female fertility is common but fertility issues can also affect men. Boosting fertility though is something that is normally associated with women.

The good news is there are various different ways in which you can boost fertility. However, most people simply focus on what doctors do. Alternative medicine is normally recommended first since other options tend to be more invasive. Also, most fertility problems have their roots in natural problems that can be changed with ease. Here are 3 alternative medicine approaches to take into account.

Herbs To Boost Fertility

Herbs are going to offer various different health benefits but remember that precautionary measures are necessary. Some herbs cannot be mixed with medication. You will want to consult your doctor or an experienced herbalist if you want to use herbal remedies for practically everything. The herbs that have been proven to help boost fertility include:

  • Red raspberry leaf – Fit for conceiving purposes, it is really high in calcium. Sometimes it will be combined with Red Clover. Red raspberry leaf is going to tone the woman’s uterus while strengthening lining and lengthening luteal phase.
  • Don Quai – Another herb that tones uterus but that also regulates the female hormones and increases circulation.
  • False Unicorn – A great herb to help deal with ovarian pains and vaginal dryness.
  • Black Cohosh – Another uterine tonic that can also relive ovary inflammation and aching.
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Obviously, other herbs can be considered but these are the most common ones. Keep in mind that nutrition for fertility is very important. Using the herbs should be seen as an extra. Proper nutrition to boost fertility should also be considered by all women that have fertility problems.

Movement To Boost Fertility

Most people do not consider this to be alternative medicine but it should be considered by all women that have fertility problems. Movement is vital since it improves oxygenation in the blood of the uterus and various other body organs. Fertility programs based on movement can be very effective. They usually include:

  • Daily exercise – Great at improving overall health and reducing stress while promoting a healthy weight.
  • Massages – Works great to increase circulation and detoxify the body.
  • Yoga – Alternatively, you can try simple stretching but yoga is really beneficial as it stretches muscles, limbs, relaxes the body and brings blood that is fresher to extremities while reducing stress.

Creating Body Balance


Balance is so important to build that healthy fertility foundation that the woman needs. A correct balance between female hormones is necessary at some specific times. Hormonal balance can only happen when we have a completely healthy endocrine system. Balance is also necessary in life, especially when looking at sleeping and being away, time for work and time for yourself or stress and peace. Alternative medicine always focuses on improving body balances. This is normally done through:

  • Silence – Just 5 minutes daily can help to drastically reduce stress.
  • Cleansing – The liver should be cleansed and supported in order to have proper hormonal balance.
  • Endocrine system nourishing – This is self-explanatory.
  • Having fun – Nothing reduces stress like having fun.
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Various alternative approaches exist when women look for improving fertility or solving fertility problems. If you had success with some, let us know below. Obviously, success is not guaranteed but since we are talking about natural alternatives, using them first is something that you surely have to consider.