A Complete Introduction for Bodybuilding Supplements

By: Dzhingarov

Bodybuilding and the different supplements

Today most of the people are turning their faces towards bodybuilding and a muscle improvement, the reason is that bodybuilding is not only benefits the body to keep in proper form but also help to improve the personality. Some people work hard and do meticulous workout and exercise to make their body muscular and tight, whereas some of them use proper nutrition and diet along with the supplementary product which helps them to gain bulky and muscular body. In both ways we finally achieve a good and improved personality as well as perfect structure and health. These bodies building supplement is also used as sport supplements. They are used for give instant boost as well as for building power in muscles and bones both.


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Actually bodybuilding is that type of improvement in the body, which is used to improve health as well as maximization of the muscles strength and volume. The basic bodybuilding supplements which are used by the body builders are multiple vitamins and minerals supplementary products which are used for giving power and strength to the body to perform the specified job. The body building program is not started in modern. The craze of building muscles is started since 1890s and the father of bodybuilding is Eugen Sandow. In 1900’s Sandow created the first weightlifting equipments, he makes the home workouts possible for the first time.

Again in 1910’s Zishe Breibart was a circus performer, who builds his muscles so strong that he lifted the baby elephant and breaks the horse shoe in two half’s.

Supplements are beneficial for the health in different way, it used to supply enough energy which helps to perform the job, it is also helps in building muscles in the body and it is also used for the reducing the extra fat from the body. These all happens due the supplementary products because they contain some special and rare type of ingredients which help the metabolism and other function active. There are basically three types of supplements which are used for body fitness. They are as follows:-

Muscles building and recovering supplement

Pre workout and performance improvable supplementary

Fat burner and blocker supplements

Let us start with all three above basic supplements, in this article we will know what are they and what ingredient they consist of. Actually there are many ingredients which are used for different purpose; some of them are specified in particular processes while some of them are specified in all process.


Muscles building and recovering supplements




If you are working hard that means you are doing perfect workout in regular basis then, you must know that the supplementary products which your are consuming must contains some specified ingredient which is helpful in building up of the muscular cell and tissue speedily and properly. It is also be notice that the repairing of your tore muscular tissue must be recovered frequently and speedily. After and before workout protein and carbohydrates food stuffs must be consumed immediately after workout. Protein is used for the growth and recovering processes, actually proteins intends or enhance the cell growth power, so the muscular cell builds more rapidly and those cells are used for building muscular tissues, finally helps to improve and increase the volume of the muscle. It is also used for recovering that means whenever we do extreme workout the muscular cell gets tore and the repairing of cell in normal condition is very slow, due to this we feel uncomfortable for further workout, so supplementary product also increase the recovering time of the cell and tissues.

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Some of the ingredients which are used in muscles building and recovering supplements are:-


It is a conditionally essential amino acids compound which is help to improve the growth of the muscular cell and tissues. The lack of glutamine in body can lead body to muscular breakdown; actually it is used for providing strength to the muscle and its tissues, which is used for lifting heavy weights.


BCAA’s is also popularized as Branch chained amino acids, a type of ingredients founded in almost all muscles building supplementary products. Branch chained amino acids are those types of ingredients which are used for protein synthesis and it is also used for the give strength to the muscles, providing against muscle break down. There are three types of amino acids compound which is used for this type of functionality in the body through supplementary products. They are leucine, iso-leucine and valine. Branch chained amino acids have been proved by many experiments and studies that it is helpful in many ways as performance enhancer, increases metabolism rate and helpful in muscle recovery.


HMB is stands for beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, which is derived from branch chained amino acid compound. It is used to boost quickly and give best performance in weight lifting and sprinting.


ZMA is a collection of multiple ingredients and are formed by zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6. It is an anabolic mineral formula used for increasing muscular mass, increasing strength of the muscles, provides greater energy for more exercise and workouts, also used to enhance the mood of the person (helps to recover from depression) and helpful in sleeping increases the sleep quality to deeper and longer.


Pre workout and performance improvable supplementary


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These types of supplements are very useful because they help the other function in their performance. In this type of ingredients, they are used for the enhancing the energy level of the body. As we all know that, functionality of the body, energy is needed for better performance, either they are used in digestion process or used in again creation of energies. This is the fact that energy needs energy to produce. Whatever exercise or workout we do we need energy to perform, no matters whether you are performing the workout for increasing muscles or for losing fat from the body, you will required energy even when you are eating sleeping walking, playing and watching movie you need energy to do so. In our body the heart is pumping due to the energy is supplied to it that means our life is supported on the energy which is produced or gained. Pre workout supplements are used for energizing the cell to perform exercise or workout for longer time. Actually it increases the capability of performance to execute anything. The supplement which is used after the workout to gain energy is known as post workout supplements. There are some important and specified ingredients which are used as energy booster in the bodies are as follows:-


They provide high intensity energy that extreme energy level to extreme type of work out. This ingredient is very common in pre workout supplements. Creatine have many benefits such as provide or supply high intensity energy to the muscle as well as cell, helpful in recovering energy faster, greater pumps, stronger lifts, greater amount of repetition performance, longer persistent energy, help to enhance the focus as well as concentration power, increases the supply of nutrient in the body by increasing digestion process and many more.

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It is an amino acids compound that is used to produce from cysteine, they supply amino acids to muscular cell which is then absorbed and releases extreme energy for workout.

Beta Alanine, It is also known as new creatine. If you are will to increase the resistance power to fatigue then this product is very useful.


It is that kind of ingredient which is used to increase the production of nitric oxide (NO), which is used to increase the blood flow and muscular pumps in the body.


It is a naturally occurring glucose or the sugar in the body, which is used to combined with other ingredients to increase the rate of production of energy.

Bio flavanoid:

It is commonly known as Grape seed extract which have anti oxidant and anti- flammatory properties. It is used to increases the blood circulation and also helpful in increments of the nutrient to the muscles.


Fat burner and blocker supplements

muscle body
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In modern age peoples get so busy that they have very less time to relax in this case healthy food become less used because they need time to be cooked but junk or the fast foods are so easily cooked, so most of the people preferred junk foods. This junk foods are harmful for our body health, these foods consists of lots and lots of oil, bad cholesterol which generates the fat within the body and these fats are harmful because due to this fat most of the serious diseases are generated within the body. The diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes are some common problems which are generated by fat. So fat burner and blocker supplements are used for reducing the fat from the body, its ingredients not only used to burn the fat but also used to block the formation of fat within the body. Here are some special ingredients which are used in fat burner supplements, they are as follows:-


It is one of those ingredients which are specified in burning of the fat within the body, it actually heat up the fat and reduce its volume.

L Carnitine:

It is used for extremely effective weight loss supplements. In this it transfer fat to cell and then burns it. Finally provides lots of energy which is produced by the burning of fat.

Green tea:

It is used for burning of fat within the body. Actually the supplement which contains green tea increases the rate of burning of fat within the body.

There are many foods which are also used to burn the fat; some of them are cinnamon, hot peppers, grapefruit, watermelon, sweet potatoes, eggs, coffee, milk, beans, oatmeal, celery, blue berry, Greek yogurt, green tea, chicken breast, ice water, almonds, apple and flaxseed.



Through body improvement supplementary product one can increase the capability of body resistance as well as increases the resistance against disease. As a whole we can say that it will make the body fit and healthy.