Alli or Chitosan – Which Fat Binder Works Best?

By: Dzhingarov

There are many different fat binders on the market at the moment, with Alli and Chitosan based products being highly popular right now. The problem is that we should all understand there is absolutely no 100% fool proof solution available. All slimming products can be quite effective but only if properly combined with a healthy, balanced died and preferably, an exercise plan. No weight loss quick fix is available but taking some supplementation has been proven to work.

While there are various fat binders and other supplement types that claim to help, those two that are nowadays often compared are Alli and BIOband (Chitosan based). Let us take a look at each and see what we should expect.


Alli is different than most products you find on fat binder lists because it is pharmacy-only. This means it is adequately researched. Alli includes Orlistat as an active ingredient. It was proven that orlistat blocks different natural enzymes responsible for breaking down fat, thus eliminating fat from being absorbed by the body in the first place. You should only use this medication in a combination with a properly balanced reduced calorie diet that has a maximum of 30% coming from consumed fats.

Side effects often appear when eating too much fat because when fat it is undigested it will be passed in your stools. You can then expect to have to deal with oily stools, fatty stools and sudden bowel movements.

Alli can be effective for those that want weight loss. Safety is really high as the medication was tested and was involved in proper licensing. You want to use Alli in the event your BMI is higher than 28 and you can respect a diet that is recommended by a nutritionist. If you are a vegetarian, you should not consider Alli since it includes gelatin.

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BIObind is basically a combination of 3 main incredients: psyllium husk, nopal catus and the much debated chitosan. Chitosan is basically the fibre that is naturally occurring and sourced from shellfish shells. Evidence appeared that the substance is highly effective as a fat binder, being capable of reducing fat absorption.

Nopal cactus includes insoluble and soluble dietary fibres. They can absorb toxins and water, thus contributing to having regular movement of your bowels. Copal is also said to help with simple carb absorption. The only problem is that we do not have studies that support such a claim.

Psyllium husk is obtained from seed of plantain and is claimed to cleanse the body and improve digestion while promoting the feeling of being full as water is drawn inside the digestive tract.

As with Alli, the product is not a good fit for the vegetarians because of chitosan being extracted from the shellfish.

What Should You Choose?

Because of the fact there are numerous studies that were done about Alli and not much is known about the effects of the ingredients in BIObind, it is always a good idea to opt for Alli first. However, you can only get it from the pharmacy and it is a very good idea to have it prescribed by someone that is monitoring your evolution.

Keep in mind that fat binders are normally considered to be safe but you still need to be careful with them. These supplements are used as a way to help your body and improve the results of your current diet. If your diet is a bad one and you take fat binders it is a certainty you are not going to be able to get the weight loss you are interested in.

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