Aerial Yoga Classes to Get In Shape Fast

Aerial yoga is a very interesting option that you can use in order to get in shape with the use of an alternative workout that is a lot more challenging than you may believe at first glance. You are basically suspended while you explore yoga postures and you will definitely enjoy this interesting opportunity.

aerial yoga

Understanding Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga will combine acrobatics elements with yoga physical practice. You use a special, suspended hammock that is made out of silk and that is really common in aerial performances. Just like in a yoga class, you would wear really comfortable clothes so that you can move without a restriction. Formfitting clothes are usually the best, especially when you explore inversions.

Aerial Yoga Classes

The particular classes will combine many different yoga postures from triangle poses to half-moon. You basically receive a complete body workout that is focused on flexibility and strength. You are supported by the hammock so you can feel really confident and experience lower joint compression when you explore inversions like handstands. You have increased pose enjoyment and comfort levels. A greater and deeper motion range appears as you move into various hip-opening postures like the bow pose or the half pigeon.

Who Is Aerial Yoga For?

Aerial yoga is recommended for those that already have some sort of yoga experience. You are offered instructions but with aerial yoga you still need to at least be aware of the basics. You will find that the poses are much more accessible because of the silk hammock but at the same time, they will be more challenging. It is also great if you have some sort of experience when referring to using aerial skills. It is not a necessity though since you will not perform knotting or climbing.

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Be Careful With

Safety is obviously really important when referring to aerial yoga. Always look for a really good instructor that is qualified and that will take the needed time to review how to get into and out of the silks. It is also important that you learn how to properly make adjustments with fabrics so you have proper integrity and alignment with the poses. Make sure that the instructor will be a registered yoga teacher. A person that knows everything about aerial yoga will help you to maintain proper physical posture while telling you if modifications are necessary. Based on the level you are at, various poses are more recommended.


Aerial yoga is highly strenuous and will always offer a complete body workout. It is a lot of fun and you will love the way in which your body is challenged. Most people that go through a class are surprised at how the body is challenged. You can so easily use it in order to increase strength and flexibility and it is a guarantee you will appreciate the entire experience. However, as already mentioned, this is not suitable for all people out there. If you never did yoga in the past, it is better to first try some beginner classes as this will aid you to get the best possible results.


Boris Dzhingarov follows up alternative medicine advice to keep himself in good shape and health condition. According to him healthy living is a matter of choice and should be a lifestyle.