10 Advantages Of Hydrotherapy On Your Health

By: Dzhingarov

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat various disorders, including arthritis as well as related rheumatic complaints. The therapeutic properties of water have been recognized since ancient times, particularly by the Turkish, Roman and Greek civilizations and by people in China and Europe. Find out why hydrotherapy and hot water massage are highly beneficial to your health. 

Ten Advantages Of Hydrotherapy


By Grand Velas Riviera Maya under CC BY-SA 2.0


1. Helps to Relieve Pain

By easing muscle tension and enhancing blood circulation, soaking in hot water can provide relief from neck pain, back pain as well as other chronic pains. It is especially beneficial in reducing discomfort and irritation from different types of back, neck, shoulder and muscle pain.

2. Sleep Benefits

Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to improve sleep patterns. The soothing heat and massaging jets help to decrease tension, thus making it simpler to fall asleep. Sitting within a hot tub increases body temperature, also the decline in body temperature which happens after getting out of the hot tub might also induce sleep. Researches indicate that spending fifteen minutes within a hot tub ninety minutes prior to bedtime can result in an enhanced night’s sleep.

3. Helps to prime the muscles

Soaking in hot water relaxes the muscles, thereby increasing their range of movement. This allows for stretching and gentle exercise within the tub.

4. Beneficial in Detoxifying the Body

Each day people inhale vehicle fumes, synthetic substances as well as other toxins in the air which are harmful to the body. These toxins might be in the food you consume, in the water you drink or in the air you inhale. Hydrotherapy stimulates the body’s natural cleansing process to help eliminate toxins which have accumulated within the cellular tissues of the body. Hydrotherapy detoxify the body naturally.

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5. Improves Type II Diabetes

Soaking in a hot tub for up to thirty minutes daily, six days per week for three weeks at least is known to aid people with type II diabetes decrease the amount of sugar in their blood as well as shed excess body fat. Soaking within a hot tub might be an effective option, particularly for individuals who cannot exercise. However, people with diabetes should exercise caution because they might be more vulnerable to get burns on their feet as a result of nerve damage due to diabetes.

6. Helps to reduce fatigue

Hot tub therapy might be beneficial for people with health disorders that cause fatigue. People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia (both chronic ailments characterized by fatigue, general body pain or aches) can get relief by soaking within a hot tub.

7. Beneficial in treating pneumonia and upper respiratory infections

In patients with asthma, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and influenza, hot tub sessions help to open passageways and boost the circulation of white blood cells to the affected regions, increasing respiration and promoting healing.

8. Joint Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy can help relieve the pressure on muscles and joints. The water’s buoyancy decreases body weight by ninety percent, thereby taking pressure off limbs and joints. Also, hydrotherapy can help arthritis sufferers in various ways. First, the water’s warmth allows the muscles to relax as well as eases the pain within the joints, thereby making it easy to exercise. Second, the water can be utilized to provide resistance to moving joints. Muscle strength can be improved by pushing the legs and arms against the water.

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9. Boosts the functioning of the immune system

Hydrotherapy and hot water massage helps to improve blood circulation, including circulation of white blood cells of the immune system. In addition, hydrotherapy enhances the body’s ability to produce endogenous opioids, especially endorphins. Improved blood circulation plus increased endorphins production strengthens the immune system, heal injured tissue, decrease inflammation, energize the body and improve well-being.

10. Helps to Loosen Stiff Joints and Muscles

Hydrotherapy can benefit sports men and women at all levels. Soaking within a hot tub before a workout can help improve circulation as well as help to loosen the muscles. It can help reduce minor pains and aches after a workout. If you are nursing a sports injury, speak with your doctor before choosing this therapy, because some sports injuries might need cold therapy instead of hot therapy.

Aside from these benefits, hydrotherapy helps to relieve many other ailments such cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Considering the numerous benefits that hydrotherapy provides, it is surprising that it is not more popular than it already is.