7 Sports That Improve Your Balance

By: Dzhingarov

Balance is a great skill to have, as it helps with posture, core strength, and coordination. Day-to-day living requires good balance to prevent trips and falls, and long-term maintaining or improving your balance can help with joint stability and reaction time. It’s a good idea, therefore, to engage in activities that help train your balance, and the list below has some fun sports you can choose that are great exercise and key for improving balance.


This is an obvious one, but if you live near the sea, surfing can be one of the best ways to invigorate your body and it involves training your balance to a high level. Surfing is a sport that allows you to get fresh sea air, swim, and be pumped full of adrenaline with brisk water.


Riding horses is a great way to improve balance and it also works out your core to a high degree. Working with animals is a really fun method of getting exercise that is rewarding and doesn’t feel like a brutal workout!


Think disco and roller rinks to really put rollerblading at the top of the aesthetics list – but really, it is a great way to exercise. Rollerblading is graceful and can be done in rinks for more smooth gliding, or simply around your local area.

Figure Skating

Figure skating is an incredibly popular sport known for beautiful movements and strength, which is gradually trained to a high level. This sport is great for improving flexibility, a source of cardio, and making sure your balance is top-notch. Figure skates are an important accessory to consider with this sport – make sure they fit correctly – and many find a longstanding passion in this sport.

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In the past. Skateboarding was associated exclusively with teenagers at the local park and Tony Hawk, but now skateboarding is fast becoming a popular pastime across all demographics. It doubles as a quick mode of portable transport and an artful exercise that relies heavily on balance and a fearless attitude.


Biking is a great mode of transportation and a form of cardio that improves your balance. You can go along scenic routes for a really meditative form of cathartic exercise or do adventurous and exciting outings. Using your bike instead of the daily commute can save time and be the most environmentally friendly and health-conscious choice.


Yoga has segments of routines and specific exercises that target your core strength and sense of balance. The broader sense of balance that is needed and gradually achieved through yoga is also made through simply holding poses for several breaths and can be a gentle way to improve your balance at a pace that suits you – as you can take classes at your local gym or follow your own routines at home.

Try out some of these activities to try training your balance, which are great sources of exercise to help muscle tone and cardiovascular health and have brilliant long- and short-term health benefits through progressing your balance.