6 Health Uses For Coconut Oil

By: Dzhingarov

Out of all the different foods labeled as superfoods, some are actually great, with coconut oil being among them. The fatty foods combination is unique and various health benefits are associated with the oil. Out of all those we can mention, improved brain function and fat loss are among the best. If you are interested in the proven coconut oil benefits, you can consider the following options.

Fatty Acid Medicinal Properties

Some time ago we were told that coconut oil is a bad idea because of the saturated fat content. This is completely true since 90% of what is included in the oil is saturated. Since we now know the fact that the saturated fats are completely harmless and highly beneficial for the human body, consumption is seen as a good thing. To make matters even more interesting, coconut oil does not include only the saturated fats we normally find in foods like steaks or cheese. We also have MCTs (medium chain triglycerides).

Faster Fat Burning

We all know how problematic obesity is. It is a shame to see that many think this is only because of the calories consumed. The truth is that many other things lead towards obesity.

The problem with obesity is that people end up having problems burning fat. MCTs actually help with that since they will increase body energy expenditure. These medium chain triglycerides will allow the body to have an energy expenditure that is higher by around five percent.

Fighting Against Infections

Coconut oil has increased lauric acid content. This acid can actually kill fungi, viruses and bacteria. That is why infections can be fought with coconut oil. When you consume the food, monolaurin is formed inside the body. This works great with lauric acid in killing pathogens. As a very simple example, it has been proven that Staphylococcus Aureus can be destroyed by the substances inside coconut oil.

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You Will Eat Less

When you consume coconut oil, you will be able to eat less. This is something that many want. Hunger will be reduced when you eat the oil because of the metabolizing of the included fatty acids. Based on a study done in the past, men end up eating around 250 calories less when MTC consumption is increased. Since appetite will be reduced, you will find it a lot easier to lose weight on the long run.

Seizures Are Reduced

Fatty acids inside coconut oil will be transformed in ketones. This can reduce the appearance of seizures. The ketogenic diet is helpful in treading some disorders. One of the examples is treating epilepsy that is drug-resistant when looking at children. Coconut oil includes the MCTs that will then turn into ketone bodies common as use to treat epileptic patients.

Lowering Heart Disease Risk

Inside coconut oil we find the saturated fats that will not harm the body as they will raise good cholesterol levels while reducing LDL cholesterol levels. Because of this, consuming coconut oil helps in reducing heart disease possibility or the possibility to end up with a stroke.