4 Natural Alternatives to Mouthwash That Are Healthier And Effective

By: Adrian Cruce

Most people do not know this but mouthwashes existed way before the products we now see marketed as being miracle workers. We actually have an Ayurvedic Chinese medicine mention of a mount rinse aimed to treat gingivitis dating back to 2700 BC. Then, Hippocrates was quoted as recommending a mouthwash made out of alum, salt and vinegar to stop the bad breath. Even Native Americans had their own mouth rinses.

During the seventeenth century Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovered chlorhexidine, which was capable of killing the living organisms that are present inside our mouths. This is a compound that was instantly added to mouthwashes and many manufacturers started to create their own chemicals and ingredients. Common substances we often find in modern mouthwashes include methaparaben, cetylphyridinium chloride, alcohol, methyl salicylate, benzalkonium chloride and fluoride.

While in the seventies there were just around 15 mouthwash brands sold in the US, now there are hundreds. Most products kill bacteria but they are often doing much more harm than good since they include toxic chemicals. Make sure that you buy mouthwashes that are as natural as possible and always read all that you can about the chemicals included since safety is paramount. There are products that are good but if you want to opt for something completely natural, here are alternatives you want to know about.

Citrus Oil Mouthwash

Combine filtered water (2 cups), xylitol crystals (1 teaspoon), calcium carbonate powder (2 teaspoons), trace mineral liquid (10 drops), peppermint essential oil (10 drops), wild orange essential oil (3 drops) and lemon essential oil (5 drops). This is a mouthwash that is pretty good and you can find most of the ingredients in local stores near where you live. Health food stores, natural stores and online websites often have them in stock. The mouthwash should be kept inside the refrigerator. You can store it for up to 3 weeks. Make sure you share before you use.

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Another Mouthwash, But Simpler

The ingredients for this are baking soda (4 teaspoons), filtered water (1 cup), tea tree essential oil (4 drops) and peppermint essential oil (4 drops). Add these to the mason jar or a similar container that has a lid. Shake well and use around 2 tablespoons of this mixture every single day, just like you use the mouthwash to get fresh breath and white teeth. Backing soda settles at the bottom so shake before you will use the mouthwash.

Honey And Cinnamon Mouthwash

You will need 2 juiced lemons (preferably organic), half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder, one warm water cup, 1 and a half teaspoons of organic, raw honey and one baking soda teaspoon. Use a container that has a fitting lid and just add the ingredients. Add the water last and make sure it is warm so that honey can melt. Shake for 1 minute with a closed lid and just store in the fridge. Use 2 times per day. Just 2 tablespoons are enough for the desired results.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mouthwash

Apple cider vinegar is more than enough to help you clean your mouth of unwanted bacteria. Just take 2 tablespoons and combine them with a filtered water cup. The ingredients can be missed in a simple glass jar. Make sure you shake as well as you can before you use. Mixture can be stored on the bathroom countertop.