What To Do When A Dog Bites You

By: Dzhingarov

Dog bites can always happen, even if you are really careful. You can play with your little one and between tail wags and growls, you can be bitten. Canine teeth can scratch you and even playful bites can be a little too much. Alternatively, you can simply be walking down the street and a random dog ends up attacking you.

Regardless of what happens, knowing what to do after a dog bite is very important since it will help drastically reduce the possibility that the wound will end up infected, which is the biggest common problem to worry about. Professional medical attention is necessary on the day you were bitten if you do not know how to properly disinfect the wound.

Why Is A Dog Bite Dangerous?

Even small dog bites can be dangerous. This is because the front teeth of the dog compress and grab skin tissue. Then, smaller teeth tear the skin. You end up with a jagged, open wound. When it becomes infected, the infection is often severe. In severe cases, intravenous antibiotics are necessary. The primary care provider should thus be visited even when you feel ok and you think nothing is wrong.

Treating The Dog Bite

When you are bitten, the steps you have to take are the following:

  • Wash – The wound should be washed with some mild soap. Then, run some warm tap water right over the wound for up to ten minutes.
  • Slow bleeding – Use a clean cloth for this.
  • Use antibiotic cream – You can use over the counter options if you have them in your home.
  • Wrap the wound – Use sterile bandage.
  • Go to the doctor – Make sure the wound remains bandaged.
  • Change bandages – Do so based on the recommendations of the doctor.
  • Look for infection – The most common signs are fever, increased pain, swelling, and redness. Go back to the doctor fast when infection signs are noticed.
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What Does The Doctor Do?

The first thing that the doctor does is ask questions to learn about the circumstances of the dog bite. They clean your wound, apply antibiotic creams, and then prescribe antibiotics whenever there is a concern that an infection is possible.

After the dog bite, it is important to determine the last tetanus shot. Tetanus immunization lasts ten years but boosters might be needed whenever wounds are dirty or it has been over 5 months since the last shot.

Based on the dog bite wound, stitches are possible. However, most dog bounds will heal on their own unless they can leave severe scars when not sutured.

Seeking Financial Compensation

In the event that it was not your dog who bit you, there is a possibility that you are entitled to an injury compensation. You would need to look for a dog bite lawyer near me to see if you have a case. Generally speaking, if it was someone else’s dog and you did nothing to provoke him, the owner is responsible and the dog biting you is seen as negligence. This means injury claims are successful.