What Is Tabata Training?

By: Dzhingarov

There is a clear growth in the popularity of Tabata training and it is really easy to understand why since we are faced with the prospect of working out for a short time and getting really good results. However, this is only possible if you actually understand what this is.

Tabata stands out as a highly simple workout concept that is basically an even more extreme form of hi intensity interval training. Leaving the warm-up aside, one Tabata session lasts just around 4-5 minutes. The routine will alternate 20 seconds with an exercise performed at a high intensity with 10 rest seconds. Cycles are repeated around 8 times.

Example Training Routine

A really common Tabata training routine that is often used sees you running at maximum speed for 20 seconds. Then, you rest 10 seconds. After that, you repeat 8 times. Some will even repeat many other times. Personal physical fitness level comes into place.

Tabata Vs HIIT – Differences

Most people think that HIIT and Tabata are the same but that is not actually the case. Tabata sees you performing exercises at an intensity that is as close as possible to 100%. In HIIT the intervals vary in intensity from 75 to 90 percent of MHR.

Tabata is basically focused on an all-out, really hard workout with short durations. At the same time, the ratios you use in HIIT vary a lot from the 2 to 1 work-rest ratio that you normally see used in Tabata training.

Tabata Training

Most of the training used in Tabata training is the research done by Izumi Tabata and some researchers in the Tokyo, Japan National Institute Of Fitness And Sport. Many study participants increased anaerobic capacity at an average of 28% and VO2max was increased by 14%. In simple words, this means that Tabata routines are capable of increasing both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

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It was proven through a large scale study that Tabata training offered more increase in anaerobic and aerobic workouts than one whole our of cardio exercising. This is definitely something that you want to think about the next time you hit the treadmill to lose weight.