Using Dandelion Tea to Reduce Water Retention

By: Adrian Cruce

Do you feel like life and comfort no longer seem to be compatible due to water retention? Do you experience the negative effects of this condition too often and simply want to get back to your normal life? In this case you should know that there are natural remedies that you could consider for positive long-term effects. Using dandelion tea is one of the ways in which you can reduce water retention and start feeling more comfortable than ever.

Dandelion Tea to the Rescue

When excessive accumulation of fluids in body tissues gives you a hard time, dandelion tea comes to the rescue. Moreover, it brings no side-effects for your health and body so you can use it whenever you need without the risk of suffering from other conditions caused by it. Why does dandelion tea help? Because it has diuretic effects that makes it a great solution or removing excess water from your body.

Another great advantage in the case of dandelion is that it features an increased quantity of potassium, substance that is also known to reduce sodium levels in the human body. Furthermore, dandelion is also rich in magnesium. This means that it can become your best new friend to help you relieve pre-menstrual bloating that makes your life a misery every month.

How to Make the Dandelion Tea

If you have decided to try out this remedy, now you should discover how to make the tea so that it might have desired results. What you must do is very simple and the results you will get from using it will more than balance your effort to get the tea ready.

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Step number one requires you to add one teaspoon of dandelion in dry form in a cup of hot water. Leave it there for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, simply strain and drink the tea. The recommended amount when dealing with water retention is three cups of tea a day for 5-7 days to obtain noticeable results. Then the treatment can be done whenever you feel the need to reduce the water your body has accumulated once again.

Every part of this plant can be used to create useful herbal preparations ready to fight against your health issues. Dandelion is a real powerhouse of valuable nutrients for the human body. Vitamins A, C and E as well as vitamin K are among its important included nutrients. You will also be able to take advantage of an important vitamin B complex that will keep your body strong and ready to battle against water retention in no time.

The Benefits of Dandelion in Other Forms

Dandelion comes with a wide variety of benefits for people interested in natural remedies for water retention and other health issues. If you do not like drinking the dandelion tea for too many days you can also combine it with dandelion supplements or tincture. However, make sure you follow any doctor prescriptions before combining treatments so that you may also gain desired results.