Treating Migraines & Chronic Pains with Music

By: Dzhingarov

Pain is a natural phenomenon which we all experience often in our lives. You cannot find even a single person who can state that he never experienced any kind of pain; though describing a pain could be difficult and different as each of us experience and handle it in our own way. When something is this much common then it becomes easier to talk about it.


You understand the terrible feeling, now what? … What do you do after feeling pain somewhere in your body? Positively, think about healing it as soon as possible. Mostly pain remains under-treated or over treated, both the situations lead to many side effects. Some left their pains untreated but it’s as injurious as to over treat it. Untreated pain engages people with anxiety, stress, tension and decrease the ability to work well.


Does your Migraine Sound Like Mine?

I am a migraine sufferer and having horrible headaches once in a week usually. I used to say that I ate medicines to treat migraines what one can easily weigh up in kilograms. For a migraine sufferer like me anything, other than multicolored painkillers, that can provide relief is appreciated. Fatigue, hot weather, sun exposure, noise anything can trigger it and leave me totally helpless.


Music as a Sense of Satisfaction

Luckily, I came to know that music can provide a sense of satisfaction and about a 21% reduction in pain levels and a 25% cutback in depression according to researchers. Sounds interesting to me as I am a great music admirer and this is a good news for me to know that migraines can be treated without medications (as I have to eat a lot of pills to treat pains & related nausea) or at least you can decrease the intensity of the throbbing pain.

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Music is one of the blessings in our busy lives and schedules that lifts our souls and endows with real pleasure and contentment. Music is also effectual in chronic pain management. It helps in distract your focus from the throbbing and efficient in reducing the intensity, duration and frequency.


Studies show that the positive and emotional experience which is related to favorite music and lyrics of choice leads to secretion of immune-boosting hormones. This is the particular reason to facilitate a reduction in the factors responsible for ailment. There is also a remarkable lessening in levels of stress-related hormone ‘cortisol’ via listening music. Even start singing yourself, can be effective in certain conditions.


The key is to listen in the soft music, as loud and thundery sounds should not be considered as music. If you want to experience headache then start hearing horrible cranking sounds of loud music. They are distracting and harmful for ears also. The result can lead you to treat two pains then, headache and earache.


Listening music provides how much relief in pains is depending on the person, circumstances and intensity of migraine (or any other chronic pain) you are experiencing. We cannot consider music as a preferred treatment for migraines as the magnitudes of benefits are little but somehow it offers potential advantages of feeling secure and safe.

By Clara John