How To Spot Toxic Skin Care Products

By: Dzhingarov

Now that the heat is strong and people are going to the beach more often, it is time to talk about the toxic skin care products that exist on the market. Believe it or not, most of the products you would buy are not healthy for you, although they are marketed at such. With this in mind, let us tell you exactly what you have to avoid so that you do not end up faced with problems that are associated with these.

Sunscreen With Aluminum

Aluminum can be present in so many products that are presented as being healthy. Many of the sunscreens actually include aluminum. This is quite dangerous as it can lead towards skin oxidative damage, thus increasing cancer risk. Isn’t that a paradox?

Organic UV Filters

Organic UV filters are going to be absorbed deep inside the skin. They can be dangerous because they will not be stable when they are exposed to radiation from UV rays. Reactive oxygen species are created and oxidative damage appears. DNA damage can actually appear in many so it is obvious that cancer risk is increased. There are filters that will lose their UV ray blocking ability.

The entire topic is highly complicated and you should understand this whenever you look for a proper skin care product. Sunscreen is obviously the one that we have to carefully analyze during these days but the ingredients also have to checked in anything we apply on our skin.

UV filters can be absorbed in our bloodstream. Endocrine disruption potential is automatically increased. Various in vitro and animal studies were performed and it was proven that there are adverse developmental and even reproductive UV filters effects.

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As a simple example, when oxybenzone is administered to a mouse, sperm density is decreased and abnormal sperm production is increased.

Inorganic UV Filters

In most cases we are talking about titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles. The inorganic filters can form ROS, just like the organic filters. That is especially true when referring to UV light exposure. A repeated sunscreen application can easily lead towards problems in this case so you have to be really careful.