The Health Risks of Smoking Pipes and Cigars

By: Dzhingarov

Cigars, as they are more commonly known are hand-made devices that are wrapped in banana leaves and made to be lit. A cigar is essentially a finely rolled package of dried and compressed tobacco leaves hand-picked to be used for smoking. cigars are manufactured in various sizes and shapes depending upon the manufacturer. Usually a cigar is wrapped with tobacco and is placed in a specially designed humidor, which is made to maintain it moist while it is being smoked.

cigars have been around since the 16th century. Today tobacco products such as cigars and cigarettes are sold in the hundreds of millions each year. The two are very different when it comes to how people use them and the health benefits they can provide. People who smoke cigars tend to smoke longer than those who consume cigarettes, this is because cigars have a more relaxing and soothing effect on the smoker than do cigarettes.


Cigars do not contain nicotine and tar like cigarettes do. What they do contain are chemical compounds called alkaloids, which are similar to the alkaloids found in certain fruits and vegetables. cigars contain an alkaloid called 2 Chain Arginine. Some of the alkaloids found in cigars have been determined to have cancer-causing properties. Cigars have also been determined to contain a protein substance that promotes bacteria growth and can also be linked to the formation of tumors. This protein substance has not been proven to be harmful for human consumption but it should be considered that the protein can be irritating to some people.

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Another difference between cigars and cigarettes is that cigars do not contain any form of nicotine, which means there is no smoke produced. Instead, what happens is the flavored tobacco, called cigarskin, is used to cover the actual cigar. Some people may find this to be too difficult to hold onto. To remedy the problem, some manufacturers have developed what are called hand rolled cigars. Hand rolled cigars retain the flavor of the flavored cigar and can be easily held without causing any smoke.

One of the health risks associated with smoking cigars is the fact that there is a large amount of nicotine built into the cigar. Over time, this nicotine can be very dangerous to your body because it increases blood pressure and can cause constipation, ulcers, and problems with low oxygen levels in the body. Also, the smoke from cigars is considered to be very high in tar and can cause serious health issues with some people such as cancer and lung irritation. In addition to all of these health issues, cigars are not very good for you in the long run. Cigars from reputable sources like take much longer to burn than cigarettes do and when a cigar has too much nicotine in it, you will typically have to smoke it for nearly half as long to finish a cigarette.

Smokers who use pipes to smoke cigars are at an extreme risk of inhaling secondhand smoke. Not only is it unhealthy for the smoker to do so, it is also extremely dangerous for others who are in the same room with them. Even if they are not breathing in toxic chemicals, the fumes from burning cigars can still be harmful. This is especially true if the cigars are not wrapped in some type of protective material. In fact, cigars that are not wrapped often end up being covered in pungent smoke for the first half an hour or so after they are lit, and this is something that new smokers should be wary about.

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