The Greatest Health Benefits to Playing Golf

By: Dzhingarov

Quite a number of people who have never played golf think of it as a sport for old, slow or even lazy people. This could be because they regard the sport as not being physically engaging. A person might pass such judgment while sitting at home watching a tournament on television. The reality, however, is very different; golf is a physically engaging sport, all you need to do to realize this fact is play one game; rest assured, you will get quite a workout. The following are some of the health benefits that come with playing golf on the various golf courses BC.


Endorphin Release


When you play golf, your body will be stimulated to release endorphins which are the ultimate feel-good-hormones. As a result, you will start feeling pretty good about yourself, this is usually referred to as a natural high — unlike other “highs” it has no side effects. One of the reasons this will happen is due to the fact that pretty much all golf courses are located in serene environments, add this to the fact that you will be walking most of the time. In addition to making you feel naturally high, endorphins also bring pain relief.


Vitamin D Synthesis


You really don’t have to stay in the house all day every day taking vitamin D supplements; you can get this mineral for free by playing golf. It’s all very simple really; ultraviolet rays from the sun convert cholesterol under the skin to vitamin D. As you are well aware, by playing golf, you will get sufficient exposure to sunlight.

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By Fevi in Pictures under CC BY 2.0 license
By Fevi in Pictures under CC BY 2.0 license


Good for the Heart


Playing golf gets the heart pumping faster than usual; this of course will go a long way in keeping it healthy. A healthy heart yields a healthy body because this is the organ responsible for blood circulation. When blood is able to flow unhindered throughout the body, cells will regenerate at a faster rate, and oxygen will get to where it is needed, when it is needed.


Deals with Hypertension


If you have hypertension then you are obviously aware of the long term risks associated with it, leave alone the discomforts like headaches and dizziness. When you play all the 18 holes on a golf course, you will have managed to walk quite a number of miles. Walking is one of the best ways of dealing with hypertension and the more you do it the better.


Deals with Brain Issues


With age comes mental deterioration and one of them most common ailments associated with this is dementia. Playing golf requires a great deal of mental engagement. You have to calculate the distance between the ball and the hole as well as determine the best angle from which to hit the ball. After coming up with these approximations in your head, you still have to determine the most appropriate force to hit the ball with in order to achieve the best results. All these calculations provide the brain with a good dose of “exercise” hence slowing down or even halting deterioration.


There are quite a number of golfing destinations in Canada where you can start playing. One of the best golf courses BC (British Columbia) is Windermere Valley Golf Course. Kawartha in Peterborough, Ontario and Mount Bruno in St. Bruno Quebec are also quite ideal for a good round of golf.

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