The Gear You Need to Start Figure Skating

By: Dzhingarov

So, we’ve all seen Dancing on Ice. Maybe you’ve been inspired lately and thought you’d like to have a go at figure skating for real. You’ve told your family and friends about it and you’re seriously wanting to start. The question is, where to begin? Well first, talent and showmanship aside, you’re going to need the right gear.

Here we list some great tips to help you make your choice. As with any hobby, it’s best to have the right equipment so that you’re not having to blame your tools.

Simple is Best

Being a successful skater doesn’t mean that you have to have fancy equipment. You just need to make sure you’re well protected and not going in blind. Really, all you need are figure skate sets so that you’re able to perform the right jumps and spins on the ice. It’s best you also wear warm clothing—dressing in your best designer clothes might seem stylish, but that won’t matter if you fall down.

Make sure your clothes are close-fitting and not too tight or baggy. If possible, hip pads, knee pads and bagged shorts will help protect you on the ice. Also, get some blade guards! They will be used to protect your skate blades from damage both on and off the ice.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

One barrier to people starting a new hobby is the fear of expense. This doesn’t need to cost the earth, so relax. You will need good skates so that they last and that you’re safe on the ice. Figure skating isn’t what we would call a dangerous sport, but like anything, it’s safer if you do it right. So long as you’re wearing some warm gear and with a strong pair of skates, you’ll be able to start your first lesson in no time and with no delay.

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If you fall down, which you will, it doesn’t have to hurt with the right equipment. And, if you do find yourself falling over a lot, we recommend a pair of waterproof gloves. Seriously, you’ll be thanking us when they’ve saved your hands for the tenth time!

Getting Prepared for Figure Skating

So it doesn’t have to be too costly and you don’t need designer clothes. Sounds good, right? What really matters is that you get the right pair of skates. If they’re snug and warm, you’re on the right track. That said, you need to protect your ankles. Make sure your skates aren’t too stiff else you’ll twist your ankle and that’ll really hurt. Luckily, most ice rinks have skates you can rent that are fine for beginners. But nothing beats having your own pair, so we suggest you go to a specialist store so that you’ve got the best gear for the job!

Sounds simple, right? It is! Once you’ve bought everything you need, you’re well on your way to becoming a great figure skater and we’re sure you’ll take to it like a duck to water. Or maybe like skates to ice.