Why should you take up the body-mind centering therapy?

By: Adrian Cruce

It has been proven that more than 60% of the people that have a current job that implies sitting at an office for 8 hours have problems with their bodies, their health and their diets. This is because of the fact that they sit in front of the computer all day and they lack body movement whatsoever. It’s quite hard to keep up with a high lifestyle when there are bills pending, mortgages to be paid and other problems that don’t leave room and time and energy for other stuff.

Try To Move A Little

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There are still people who take up the time and focus on the important things in their lives. There are some who take up dancing, others focus on yoga and there are some who turn to techniques like the body-mind centering technique. This is an interesting type of exercise that implies the individual to focus on the awareness and integration between breathing, touching, movement, thought and even voice.

This is a form of education throughout movement and it has done some incredible work with children that have suffered trauma, people who were under a lot of stress and even CEOs that didn’t have time for anything in their lives.

What Is It All About?

body-mind centering therapy

There are two basic things that one should know when it comes to the body-mind centering therapy: first of all, it’s all about focusing on the mind as part of the whole body and not an entity that is different from the body. In this way, throughout integration the whole body will feel a lot different because everything is focused on the same purpose. Secondly, the aim is to concentrate the mind to stay connected to the body in order to always be aware of your movements, your thoughts and even your touch or voice. Being aware means having control and that is what it’s all about.

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How Does This Therapy Help?

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As proven above, the center of this therapy is the body, with all of its system. By paying attention to the thoughts that you have, the feelings that you feel and the sensations that go through your brain, you will get a step closer to understanding yourself and how you function. Basically, people have forgotten that their bodies are much more than just simple carriers, that they are part of who we are and what we do each and every second on this earth. That is the reason why this type of therapy has gained popularity in the last couple of years: people have gotten more close to the idea of who they are and what should they be doing in order to be happy.

One last piece of advice here is to do this with a professional licensed practitioner in order for it to function properly. A specialist will be able to guide you throughout the process and he can explain everything that you are going through. This is quite amazing, because you will be able to track your progress and relate to him whenever you have questions.