This Is What You Should Know About Reflexology

By: Adrian Cruce

Reflexology is quite controversial at the moment. Some people say that it works while others believe that everything is just marketing. What we should all know is that a lot of research was done. During the studies reflexology was proven to be effective in helping many cases, including:

  • Relaxation
  • Surgery recovery
  • Having an easier pregnancy
  • Pain reduction
  • Relieving mental and physical health concerns

When thinking about how reflexology works, there are various theories. Let’s talk about those that are the most often mentioned.

Working With Our Central Nervous System

Original research done by Sir Charles Sherrington and Sir Henry Head in 1890 showed that there is a neurological connection between internal organs and skin. The theory is that the human nervous system is adjusting based on stimulus. Reflexologists apply pressure to ears, hands and feet. This sends calming messages to our central nervous system. This reduces tension levels and enhances relaxation while making the internal organs work better. Reflexology basically affects the neuropeptide, immune, endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems.

Reflexology Stress Reduction Reduces Body Pain

Some theorists say that reflexology will give us pain relief because pain is simply an experience that is subjective for the brain. Our brains respond to pain as a sensory experience. However, there is also an independent action that would influence how pain is perceived. Reflexology helps us to relax so we end up feeling less pain because of this. Mood is also improved.

The Body’s Vital Energy

This theory is connected with how Qi works. People that believe it refer to the vital energy found inside us. When stress is not taken care of, energy congestions appear. This leads to inefficiencies for the body and illness. Reflexology would thus help energy to flow and cause pain to be felt less.

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Zone Theory

When learning about reflexology we understand that all muscles, organs and valves would be accessed through a point that is present on our hands or feet. As an example, between toes number two and three we can access our eyes. Pathways between body parts and pressure points have been identified and are thought of as being connected to our nervous system. Because of this, when working with a specific zone, improvements are seen in the associated organs or muscles.

Does Reflexology Work?

The theories above are still debated but what is of high interest for most people is whether or not reflexology actually works. Based on the reports by people that were helped by a reflexologist, most of the reports are beneficial. Due to this, we can say that reflexology can work. However, it will not work in all cases. There are many scammers that make really bold claims nobody should believe. Always work just with experienced reflexologists for the best results.