Pregnancy in your forties

By: Dzhingarov

Sometimes you could put off pregnancy and motherhood because you have not found the proper partner, or because you wanted to focus entirely on your career. Or you could have been unsuccessfully attempting to have a baby. Whatever it is, you could now be wondering if it is too late to get pregnant.

The answer is simply no. Even though your chances of conceiving during this age bracket have lowered somewhat, there are numerous forty-plus women who successfully conceive.

Can I get pregnant naturally in my 40s?

At forty, you have about a forty percent chance of conceiving naturally. This percentage diminishes a further five percent if you are within your mid-forties. After forty five, your chances of a natural pregnancy diminish considerably. This is due to a lowering ovarian follicle count and ovarian aging. Lowered fertility is about the quality of your eggs as well as their quantity. Chromosomal abnormalities within your eggs could heighten your risk of getting a birth defect or miscarrying.


By Thomas Pompernigg under CC BY-SA 2.0


Can I get pregnant using fertility treatment?

There are treatments such as IVF treatment, which are constantly refined. However, the success rate for women over forty years old is just 11 percent. You could counter this by using donor eggs from a younger woman.


Why should I or shouldn’t I have a baby in my 40s?



You are financially and emotionally ready for motherhood. You will likely have been with your partner for long enough years that you can handle virtually anything together. This is a firm foundation for starting a family. It will also be simpler to make wise parental choices. Your life experiences will have boosted your confidence in child-rearing. Your income will likely be higher than younger mothers. You will likely resume work quicker than younger moms, and even if you begin working part-time, your income will still be significant.

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You will become less selfish since you will have experienced virtually everything. Thus, focusing on your child will be simpler. You also have a fifty-fifty possibility of getting twins.



You will require more care during your pregnancy than younger mothers. If you develop health issues, your pregnancy will be classified as high risk. This sounds alarming, but it simply means that you will receive the required help to ensure that your baby along with you will remain safe.

During your pregnancy, you have an increased chance of developing: high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, placental abruption, and placental previa, or low-lying placenta. When giving birth, you may also experience a premature birth, a baby with a low birth weight or a C-section. The baby will also have a 1 in 85 chance of developing Down syndrome.


What to do if you want to be pregnant

There are steps which will heighten your chances of getting a healthy baby. You may alter your lifestyle positively by ceasing smoking, lowering alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight. Your doctor will also ensure that you remain in the most ideal physical condition to get pregnant. They will help, for instance, if you save STDs, irregular periods or polycystic ovary syndrome.