Osteopathic Medicine Treatment For Babies

By: Adrian Cruce

It is quite more common than you may believe to see parents complaining about the fact that children suffer with colic or do not suck appropriately. Conventional medicine will not offer much help and the truth is that osteopathic medicine can bring in what parents may have been looking for. Thousands of babies were treated in the past and there is no way to deny the fact that OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment) is quite effective in treating poor feeding, constipation and colic.

The big problem is that during delivery, the connective and musculature tissue of a newborn’s head or neck will become restricted. This builds physical tension. Babies have problems with digesting and swallowing food comfortably. Cranial Osteopathy will correct structural problems and this brings in various benefits you were most likely not aware of.

Osteopathic Medicine Treatment For Babies

Even when the baby does not show signs of stress or illness, she/he can receive an interesting supportive boost through the help of osteopathic medicine. It is interesting to notice that early treatments will bring in a release of physical restrictions, something that can slow the child’s intellectual, emotional or physical development without intervention.

OMT will help deal with emotional and physical stresses that a child will naturally experience while developing. A very simple example shows toddlers falling while they learn how to walk. The tumbles will create strain and most parents are not aware of this fact. Also, some children will experience what is known as growing pains. Osteopathic medicine will help reduce pain and structural imbalances that are caused by growth spurts, injury and illness.

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As you can easily notice, osteopathic medicine treatment for babies is quite interesting and can bring in advantages you were most likely not aware of in the past. The infant’s neck, shoulders and head will always see dramatic improvements, which will help in the child’s ability to suck.

You should be aware of the fact that osteopathic treatment for newborns has to be carried out while the child and the mother are still in the hospital. This increases the possibility of success and the benefits that are associated with this medicine.