Naturopathy Treatments For Obesity

By: Dzhingarov

Obesity is a nutrition disorder characterized by the increase of body weight. It is considered obesity the exceeding of 15% of ideal body weight. It can be provoked by an excess of alimentation, an endocrine glands disease. Obesity damages heart and the average life age is 10 years less than people with a normal weight.

There are ways to accelerate the metabolism

speed up metabolism

This means that the food will convert in energy faster. It takes place in the muscle mass and organs; the result of it is what we call: “calories burn”.

  • Always eat breakfast. If you skip the morning meal, your body will receive the message that its metabolism needs to slow down and you will gain fat even with a small amount of food during lunch.
  • Eat dinner as soon as possible. It is preferred to have dinner two or three ours before going to bed.
  • Never consume less than 1000 calories a day, because your metabolism will slow down.
  • Practice daily at least one kind of exercises (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dance and so on).
  • Avoid alcohol. It stimulates your appetite.

Furthermore, there are different types of diets that will help you lose weight easier:

black coffee

One of the effective ones is the five days diet:

With this you can combine in harmony the nutritive principles. You will manage to lose 4 kilograms in 5 days. But if you are engaged into demanding activities, it would be better to postpone it for a less stressful period. It would be indicated to stay away from efforts, because your organism will be in a catabolic state. Besides, you will get tired faster. The diet is: Monday: apples; Tuesday: weak boiled meat (chicken or fish), Wednesday: skim milk, Thursday: boiled potatoes, Friday: green beans. You need to drink a lot of water every day.

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The seven days diet:

This diet has 6 meals a day, every three hours, between 7 am and 2 pm. Each meal has to contain a single foodstuff in the next order:

  • Black coffee;
  • A boiled egg;
  • 100g of boiled meat (chicken, cow or turkey);
  • An apple
  • 100g cow cheese
  • A tea (without sugar) or a tomato juice.

This needs to be repeated 7 days in a row and the results should be satisfying.

Food that burn fat very fast:


Raspberry is a fruit that has many qualities and it was discovered only recently that it has a new property: raspberry actions over ketones, the cells that capture fat and stops their submission.

Strawberry has a big quality, because they contain salicylic acid: it helps you have an excellent lymphatic circulation, which means they help you decrease the water retention in the organism.

Eggplant should be included in your menu as often as you wish. These vegetables can absorb the fat. Besides, they contain fibers that help you have a fast digestion. Eggplants help you get a big quantity of potassium, magnesium, folic acid and B1, B3 and B6 vitamins.

Make sure that you take the necessary time to diet properly. It is a huge part of fighting obesity and you will love how you feel when you eat properly.