Medicinal Marijuana – Misconceptions Most People Have And You Should Not Believe

By: Adrian Cruce

Using medical marijuana is a highly controversial topic. There is so much negative feedback present online but the number of people that start recommending it is growing. The truth is that using medical marijuana can be beneficial when recommended by your doctor. However, many simply end up believing various myths and misconceptions. We will talk about the most common ones below so you can dismiss them as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that this is all in relation to medical marijuana that is prescribed by the doctor. Never buy anything without the supervision of your doctor. With this mentioned, do not think that the following misconceptions about medical marijuana are correct:

  • Medical Marijuana Is Addictive

The truth is that medical marijuana is only addictive for 9% of all users. For most people this is not at all a problem that should be a worry. People that use this for medicinal purposes can normally leave it or use it without problems.

  • Medical Marijuana Does Not Work

The advocates that lobby against the use of this medicine think that it simply does not work. If you talk with the current patients you will quickly learn about the therapeutic benefits and the fact that they are completely real. Nowadays, medical use of marijuana is recommended in dealing with various symptoms and illnesses like PTSD, MS, cancer, AIDS, fibromyalgia, glaucoma and more.

This general misconception appears because people believe that there is no scientific proof to back official claims. In reality, scientific research is just sparse as many laws stop scientists from the long term useful studies. Research and trials were performed in other countries from all around the world though. Results prove the fact that medicinal properties are true.

  • You Will End Up Using Stronger Drugs

So many think that medicinal marijuana will just be a gateway drug and that users will end up using things that are stronger and more dangerous, like cocaine or heroin. This is actually an age-old misconception that is just not true. Patients never have to worry about strong drug addiction as they receive their medical marijuana prescription. Absolutely zero evidence exists that this misconception is reality.

  • Using It Is Deadly

One thing you do need to know is that there was NEVER a death linked to just using medicinal marijuana. When looking at pharmaceutical drugs it is easy to figure out that they are in fact much more dangerous and deadly. New studies showed that there was actually a small drop in pharmaceutical drug related deaths in US states that legalized the use of cannabis.

  • You Will Become Lazy

Unfortunately, this is a misconception that largely appeared because of the way in which marijuana users were portrayed in TV shows and movies. There are marijuana strains that are going to reduce motivation and increase laziness but they are only used during the night. Most of the medicinal marijuana strains will actually boost productivity and mood. They are completely fine for day use without any negative consequence. In fact, remember that there are so many medical marijuana strains that will not even make you high and will just offer the needed therapeutic benefits you want.

  • Brain Cells Are Killed

Another really old misconception related to using medical marijuana, one that is completely incorrect. In fact, there was a recent study that showed the fact that using these medications will actually promote the neurogenesis inside the human brain. This is quite the opposite of killing your brain cells.

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Final Thoughts

There are obviously some negatives of using medicinal marijuana but this does not mean you should believe everything you hear or read. Make sure that you talk with a doctor and that you consider using this if it is prescribed since the benefits are normally really important.