How To Improve Your Nap Quality

By: Adrian Cruce

All sleep experts agree that napping can be great for an individual as it can improve work and brain performance. The problem is that you cannot simply go for a nap whenever you want to and then expect to have the benefits. You will want to nap right. There is such a thing as a wrong nap pattern. With this in mind, here are some tips that will help you to drastically improve the napping quality.

Avoid Longer Naps

That is especially the case in the event that you work or it is just a normal week day. If the nap is longer, you will end up waking up a little groggy, a feeling that can easily last over half an hour. 10 to 20 minute naps can be quite great for you as it will help you remain energetic, mentally sharper and refreshed. During the weekends you can go for a longer nap but try to never go over 60 minutes as this would interfere with the night sleeping patterns.

Avoid Naps That Are Close To Bed Time

Late night naps are bad as they interfere with how well you are going to sleep during the night. It is hard to pinpoint a perfect time for a day nap but in most cases, 1 to 4 PM is what you should go for since that is when the body has its circadian rhythms telling us that we are sleepy.

Where To Nap

You can easily nap practically anywhere. You just need it to be comfortable. Some people will enjoy dark, quiet places while others will even be able to nap on an airplane or during a subway ride. As a simple tip, in the event that you go for a quick nap, you will want to be at least partially upright.

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Sleep Disorder Sufferers Should Not Nap

In the event that you suffer from any sleep disorder like sleep apnea or insomnia. That is due to the fact that the condition would actually be worsened.

If You Dream During Naps, You Are Sleep Deprived

Short power naps should not put you into a really deep sleeping state. In the event that you find yourself sleeping, it means that you need to sleep more during the night.

Make sure that you never use napping in order to substitute the full night sleep. That is because it will eventually lead towards health problems you surely do not want to be faced with.