How to fight with sleeplessness

By: Dzhingarov

Sleep deprivation is actually a common problem among students, with the worst thing being that the reasons for your sleeplessness can be numerous, varied and cumulative.For example, a person worried about his/her partner cheating on him/her will lose sleep until he/she cannot concentrate on his/her work–until he/she starts losing sleep over his or her studies too. Ask yourself if you are experiencing any of these, and then consider their solutions carefully (because you may wish to try them anyway).


Are you worried about your studies?

This is a common concern amongst students, and the sad thing is that most people simply make it worse instead of taking positive action about it. To pull yourself out of this funk you need to enforce an unprecedented amount of discipline upon yourself. You need to make a plan to work a certain amount of hours per day, list your goals at the beginning of each session, and then force yourself to do it. After just one very productive session you will feel content enough to sleep (trust me!).


Are you in love with someone for the first time?

Students come of the age where childhood infatuations and obsessions develop into real feelings. You may have thought you loved that special girl in high school, even though you forgot her name when you played computer games at home. And then, you get to college and meet someone who creeps (interminably) into your thoughts. You meet someone who makes you excited for no reason, and whose annoying habits are just cute. If you are thinking about her (or him) as you go to sleep, then you are going to lose sleep. You need to force yourself to think of other things at night. Try active
imagination techniques to keep your mind focused on other matters.

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Are you worried about money?

If you are losing sleep over this, then it is time to set a budget and stick to it. You are losing sleep over it because your subconscious is telling you that your spending is unplanned and your finances are erratic. Set a budget and take pride in achieving it–this is the only way to quiet that voice in your subconscious that keeps you awake at night.

By epSos .de under license CC BY 2.0
By epSos .de under license CC BY 2.0


Is it just that you cannot settle at night?

This means that you have not been able to find the root cause of your problem. Firstly, you need to stay awake for a full day and night and then wait until your correct bedtime before hitting the hay. You should also try music, but do not put on relaxing tunes or chill out music, because they are for people with nothing on their mind. Try something
with both passion and turmoil, such as the “Imaginaerum score” by Nightwish (don’t buy the version with the singing on or you will be up all night rocking it!).


Do you feel bad for another human being?

You may come across stories in college or volunteer and find out that some of the most horrific things happen in your local area and you did not know about it. Such as an adoptive father, uncle and grandfather raping a 13yr old girl with Aspergers until she is 19yrs old when she finds out she is adopted, because they know she cannot testify against them. Sometimes you are given the story first hand and get to hear every filthy disgusting act that one human is prepared to dispense to others.

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Sometimes you lose sleep because of what you heard, and until you come to terms with the fact, you cannot sleep because of it. You have to understand that you cannot change the past, and sometimes you have to accept that you cannot affect the future. Just make a mental note of the fact that you know the root of your sleeplessness, and eventually you will work through it.


Are you drinking too much?

You need to take a serious look at whether you have developed a mild addiction to alcohol. There is no need to worry at this point. Many people experience temporary chemical addictions to some of the most nutty things. For example, on May the 16 th 2005, the Daily Mail ran a story about “Aquaholics”–people who are addicted to water.

Many students will drink two or three times per week, to the point where after two or three days without alcohol they will start to experience withdrawal. One of the first symptoms is sleeplessness, followed by palpitations (heart flutters in your chest) if you have been drinking for a few months and have just decided to stop. If you experience
either of these symptoms then you need to spend a month away from the alcohol, and then take it a little easier when you restart drinking. If your withdrawal symptoms are any worse then consult a doctor in order to obtain tranquilizers and advice. Do not decide to quit alcohol all together, as it means you are removing the element of self-control, and you will substitute alcohol with something else (usually something worse).