Healthy Eating Dietary Downfalls During Holidays

By: Adrian Cruce

In order to be able to build a healthy eating lifestyle, you have to understand exactly what dietary downfalls exist. You need to know why it is really hard to eat healthily. We all know that during holidays it is a lot easier to put on weight. This is when you have to be extremely careful. Both winter and fall bring in various factors that increase a person’s urge to simply overeat. The main dietary downfalls that you have to always think about are the following:

Celebrations Based On Food

Humans always tend to socialize with family and friends with drinks and food. When special occasions like holidays appear, the quantity and availability of socializing automatically increases. That automatically raises overindulge temptation. You are basically faced with a lot of pressure and you will be tempted at all times. The reason why the temptation is high is that there is a feeling that you would disappoint family and friends when you do not eat and drink with them. Also, the increase in alcohol served at the social events will destroy that resolve that people had to start eating moderately.


During holidays, stress levels tend to go up. We think that this is not true but in reality, holiday expectations and obligations can lead towards a lot of stress. Trying to make sure that you have that perfect holiday you want means that you will do something extra. For instance, you may spend a lot of time choosing decorations. All this extra work that appears can easily turn out to be overwhelming, adding stress, leading towards overeating.

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Being Exhausted

Demands appear when looking at winter and fall festivals. Those demands can so easily make people feel too sluggish and it is easy to end up sleep deprived. As a person is tired, the possibility to overeat is high.

Emotion Eating

There are many that will eat in order to soothe anxiety, loss, dissatisfaction and anxiety. There are also some that will use the celebration as a simple excuse to eat more. Holiday marketing is focused a lot on food. It is consumerism that will contribute to excess. As a person works hard to try to eat healthily, when mistakes happen, frustration steps in.


This is something that many do not know. There are people that will normally crave high calorie foods and even drinks if the weather is cold. We cannot deny that it is really comforting to eat pumpkin pie, a really high calorie salad or stuffing.