Health Tips When Travelling To Fiji

By: Dzhingarov

Just as with every single other country in the world, if you want to travel to Fiji, there are some very important health considerations that need to be taken into account. This is even more important now than ever because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To put things as simply as possible, you should check the TravelHealthPro website for advice from the NaTHNaC (National Travel health Network and Centre). This is needed at least 2 months before the departure date of your holidays to Fiji. Simply look at the country from where you visit and you will see all important data to be aware of, including current health risks, outbreaks, factsheets, and vaccine recommendations.

You can also check the NHS website for a health checklist and more data about travel vaccinations.

Keep in mind that there can be different regulations and legal statuses for some of the medicine bought or prescribed in the UK. When traveling with over-the-counter drugs or with a prescription, the NaTHNaC needs to be consulted.

Make sure that you take good care of yourself before and during your holiday. Also, remember the following about these important health-related facts when you visit Fiji.

Medical Treatment Options Are Limited

For most health services in Fiji, hospitals and doctors expect an immediate cash payment. When having to deal with a serious emergency, evacuation is actually considered and carried out if considered necessary. You do need travel health insurance when you visit Fiji and funds that can cover treatment costs, repatriation, and medical evacuation.

Whenever emergency medical assistance is needed during your stay in the islands, call 911. When referring for treatment or a medical facility, contact your medical assistance/insurance company.

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Fiji Health Risks

Besides the current coronavirus pandemic, which is quite unpredictable in nature, although it was properly contained in Fiji, there have been some measles outbreaks in many Pacific countries. This does include the Fiji Islands. Learn about measles and always monitor local authorities since they offer advice when an outbreak is identified.

In addition, according to UK health authorities, Fiji is a destination where the Zika virus transmission is a risk to consider.

Final Considerations

What was mentioned above is all the important information you need to be aware of if you want to travel to Fiji for a stunning holiday. However, you should still take good care of you and use due diligence, just as you would in any other country.