Electromagnetic Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

By: Adrian Cruce

It’s commonly known that Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that progresses in various stages affecting the nervous system of a person’s movement. It starts with a barely noticeable tremor in only one hand, but as time passes, the tremor progresses to the entire body. The next phase of the disease causes stiffness and a very slow movement rate.

Electromagnetic Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease


It’s commonly known that Parkinson disease doesn’t have a 100% cure. Medication is used in order to manage the problems that your body has when it comes to the movement and tremor. Basically, they increase the brain’s supply of dopamine. The downside of the medications for Parkinson’s is that they lose their touch over time. The body becomes more tolerable to that specific drug which makes them less effective. Even so, the symptoms can still be controlled by adjusting the dosage. Medication is a great idea in order to manage the symptoms, but they won’t solve the problem.

Electromagnetic Therapy

This particular treatment has proven to be extremely effective in the trail run and many of the test subjects have shown considerable improvements in the way their body controlled the tremor afterwards. First of all, you need to know that this method needs to be applied under the supervision of a specialist, so you shouldn’t do it on your own. Additionally here, the frequencies that are used in order to relieve the rigidity need to be in between 2-25 Hz.

Electromagnetic therapy has proven to be effective with the pains associated with Parkinson disease. Even if there is no scientific proof that this particular method is a pain removal treatment, many of the Parkinson suffering patients have shown a significant increase in the way they felt after having this type of therapy.

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Positive Attitude

We all know that the mind is more powerful than the body, so the way you think will surely affected the way your body heals. One might associated the healing process that electromagnetic therapy provides with the placebo effect, but many doctors and psychologists talk about having a positive attitude towards treatments and healing methods in order for them to work effectively. If you don’t believe it will work, your mind will convince your body that the treatments are not effective and therefore, the Parkinson symptoms will progress considerably. There have been many examples of people that have healed completely just because they had the faith that it will happen. The mind is a powerful instrument and if you use it well, you can overcome anything.

Don’t Stop The Treatments

There’s no doctor that will advise you to stop everything in order to test the electromagnetic therapy for your Parkinson disease. The best piece of advice here is to continue with the medication provided by your doctor, test this particular method to see if it works for you and don’t lose hope. Additionally, you can add vitamin C to your daily supplements as it is one of the best weapon against Parkinson.