Solving Digestive Issues With Fennel

By: Dzhingarov

Fennel is a wonderful plant that can do wonders when a person experience digestive issues. Some vegetables can cause bloating even though they are incredibly nutritious and great for a balanced diet. Broccoli and cabbage are just two examples of these vegetables that are very healthy, but not so easy on the digestive system. Fennel, on the other hand, is both nutritious and easy to digest. Actually, fennel is not only easy to digest, fennel is known as a remedy for all kinds of gastro-intestinal and digestive issues.

Native from the Mediterranean area, fennel is now found throughout the world. This vegetable is pretty common in Greek cuisine due to its nutritious and digestive health properties. Being a great remedy for various digestive issues like constipation, flatulence and bloating, fennel gain a lot of popularity lately and it is highly recommended as a natural remedy to these problems and many other digestive issues.

The bulb and the seeds of the fennel are great natural remedies for bloating, flatulence, intestinal cramps and some other digestive problems. Before deciding if fennel is a good remedy for your digestive problems, take a look at this list of how can fennel help with digestive issues:

Flatulence And Bloating

As we already mentioned, unlike other vegetables fennel does not cause bloating, it actually does the opposite. Fennel has a sweet anise flavor and it can be consumed in various ways, but the seeds of fennel are more effective for flatulence and bloating. A small amount of seeds chewed or swallowed after a meal can stimulate digestion and can prevent flatulence. When the digestive system works faster, there are less chances of food getting trapped in the lower intestine, fermenting and causing gas.

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Stomach Cramps

Fennel is also amazing for stomach cramps since it helps relaxing the muscles of the digestive system and the pain associated with digestion is reduced. Being a great source of Vitamin C, fennel also reduces inflammation and it helps to have a strong immune system. The anti-inflammatory effect helps the organism to absorb iron faster during the digesting process.

Colon Cancer Prevention

There are certain studies that attest that fennel remove carcinogens from the digestive tract and since it makes the digestive system to work properly, consuming fennel is a great way to prevent colon cancer. The fact that fennel is a good source of fiber leads to reduced cholesterol, which is another cause of colon cancer.

How To Consume Fennel?

Besides cooking the fennel bulb and the chewing or swallowing of the fennel seeds after a meal, drinking fennel tea is another great way to solve digestive issues with the help of fennel.

If cooking sounds most appealing to you, fennel is great with carrots, garlic, sweet potatoes or onions so you can make a delicious stew or soup that will help you with your digestive issues. Another great way to consume fennel is by adding the bulb into your favorite veggies juice. The flavor is delightful and the results are similar to those you obtain if you drink fennel tea.