Different Types Of Meditation

By: Adrian Cruce

Most people have their own ideas about what meditation is and the truth is that this is a subject that is much more complex than many believe. We are faced with so many different types of meditations and studies already proved various interesting benefits associated with most of them.

Traditionally, the meditation session does not happen under direct guidance. You basically receive some instructions about what you have to do and then you try it, with a result that is unique and highly subjective. Spiritual guided meditation is basically meditation that you do under the direct guidance of someone else. In most situations this is highly beneficial for those that do not know much about meditation.

Out of the different meditation types, here are some that are highly common at the moment.

Simple Relaxation

Such a meditation has the goal of helping you to relax, which is something that many do not actually do at the moment. The goal is definitely not ambitious but it is highly necessary and helpful for most of us. In many cases you are faced with a count down technique, which basically means you go down from one number to the lowest and you gradually relax more. A relaxation technique starts the meditation session and the actual serious work appears after that.

Affirmation – Self Improvement Meditation

This is sometimes known as guided imagery. The program focuses on aiding listeners to acquire a positive trait and there is normally a guide involved. Examples of traits that people normally want include self-confidence or courage. Affirmation meditation normally uses affirmations with the purpose of reprogramming your subconscious. People can feel that they have unfinished problems that they have to deal with and this is when it is quite normal to use the affirmations to start the reprogramming.

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Personal Growth Meditation

This type of meditation has the listener basically imagine himself doing one thing really well or basically exhibiting the character trait that is desired. Theory behind this states that when the person sees himself being in a specific way, the behavior will be much easier to embody in the future. Such meditation is quite similar to the “act as if” methodology used in psychology.

Spiritual Journey Meditation

Guided meditation and guided imagery is normally helpful in accessing the conscious mind’s spiritual side. In some cases this means that you connect with your own soul or the higher self. Sometimes it even means that you develop a strong inner relationship with a religious figure or with a spiritual figure. Imagination is normally a great thing and can help you to connect with higher consciousness. Guided meditation programs will be helpful in making imagination stronger and taking advantage of what it can do.

Meditation as a whole can be useful and will help out a lot, especially when referring to reducing stress. However, it is really important that you do it properly. In many situations we see people that simply have no idea what to do, which is not great since it would lead towards bad meditation sessions. Remain focused on learning and then experimenting.