An Introduction to Some Of The Best Cigars

By: Adrian Cruce

Cuba cigars are considered by many to be one of the world’s greatest tasting cigars. The Cuban people have long believed that the cigars they produce possess a unique taste and flavor from the earth. Cuba’s top manufacturers are producing hundreds of different brands of cigars each year. While there is no clear cut way to define how many cigars are produced in Cuba, it is safe to assume that no less than 100 cigars are produced in a day. The official government website doesn’t even list the number of cigars that are produced in the country.

Most cigars that are reviewed by cigar enthusiasts are judged according to their aroma, taste and aftertaste. But many reviewers also note the amount of nicotine content in the cigars. Many cigars, particularly the full-bodied ones, contain up to seven grams of nicotine. That is not a lot of nicotine, but it is still quite a lot. Cuba cigars are known for their strong flavors and they can be very addictive.

One of the best-selling brands in Vega Fina. This is a very flavorful cigar with a melodious name. The name is derived from the La Vega region, which is right in the middle of the Dominican Republic. The cigars are very fine and are perfect for beginners because the taste is light, all with a pleasant aroma offered through a mild blend. The exotic sophistication of Vega Fina should definitely be experienced.

This fine cigars are named after the Caribbean island where the pepin plant is grown. The plant is native to Cuba and its fruit is a purple fruit that is used to make several cigars including Mi Amor and Petit Mi Amor. According to many cigars connoisseurs, this delicate and sweet cigar is simply perfect.

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Another name that is often heard among Cuba cigars lovers is G.R. G. cigars. Some enthusiasts call these cigars Cuba’s “Gran Lopez” and they are actually based on the blend of three different seeds, not unlike what you might find at a nursery. In addition to the pepin, menthol and Cayenne, the Gran Lopez brand includes other cigars like the Revisited Churchill and the Estrella Grand Cuba.

Of all the Cuba cigars, the Ex salvo is probably the most famous. This fine Cuban brand is named after the famous Cuban writer Exterminator. This fine cigar was created by the Garcia family, who are from the Gran Cuban community of Cuba, and this is one of the few cigars produced in Cuba that carry the name of a famous writer.

There are several other well-known Cuba cigars. Two of the more common household names in Cuba are the cigars Cuba cigars and the Cuban cigars. There are some well-known manufacturers of these fine cigars. These include the cigars produced by the Jose Mesa and the Faber-Castell company. They also produce their own blends, such as the Cuacho and the Connecticut Wrapped Connecticut.