Alternative Treatment For Autism

By: Dzhingarov

Alternative treatments are recommended by some specialists and they are often used for people with autism. However, few researches have been made regarding the safety and efficiency of these treatments and there are not many scientific studies compared to the traditional treatments.

Among the complementary therapies for treating disorders like autism, counts:

Creative Therapies For Autism

acupuncture autism

Creative therapies – some parents choose to supply the educational and medical interventions with art-therapy or therapy through music, which has the role to concentrate on the reduction of sensitivity of children with such problems.

Therapies with sensors are based on the theory that autistic people suffer of sensory processing disorder which cases the problems connected to the process of information like the sense of touch, hearing and balance. The therapists use brushes, toys that can be tormented and materials that can stimulate the sense of touch and can balance it. It seems that these kinds of treatments are efficient especially when they are used with other treatments.

The Chelating therapy has the role to eliminate the hard metals from our organism. The benefits of this therapy for autism are not proven yet and it can be dangerous.

Acupuncture seems to ameliorate some symptoms of autism, even if this statement has not been proven by the researches made until now.

Nutrition For Autism

Nutrition For Autism

A special alimentation acts positively for some children that suffer for autism or similar disorders. It is highly recommended gluten and caseins free food. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and caseins in dairies. B6 Vitamins and Magnesium represented a popular treatment for autism in the past 20 years. However, only a small number of patients had great results. Also, polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 are crucial for a healthy development of the brain and cannot be produced by our bodies. Researchers showed that fish oil administrated to children with disorders from the autism spectrum recorded behavior improvements.

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Apparently B12 Vitamin is important for disordered people, because it helps at the manufacture of the coating around the nerves of the brain and helps them produce vital neurotransmitters. As a result, the behavior of children with autism will be improved.

Not all experts agree with the fact that changes of diet will have benefic results. But some professionals claim that some types of diets determined a success in the improvement of communication, social interaction and patterns of sleep. They also had a major contribution to the reduction of digestive and behavioral problems.

Homeopathy For Autism

Homeopathy For Autism

Homeopathy seems to be a promising option for treating this disease. In this case the therapy could last and may be able to concentrate on the neutralization of hard metals in the body, it could increase the immunity and remove the brain cells that cause inflammation; it also helps with the hyperactivity, repetitive behavior and it improves the ability to talk.

Animal Therapy For Autism

Animal Therapy For Autism

Therapy with animals imply the therapeutically interaction with animals. The results in these directions highlighted a significant improvement of the state of spirit, concentration, the awareness of the social medium, the use of language and social interactions, the increase of the motivation to interact with others.

The key to success in this battle is not to give up to people suffering of autism. They understand more than we might think and there are cases in which they were cured. Losing hope is never an option.