5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy and Active as a New Mom

By: Dzhingarov

Bringing a new life into the world is said to be one of the most joyous and proudest things a mom can do. If you’ve recently given birth and have a baby to tend to, it can be easy to put your own health and wellbeing on the backburner. Many new moms struggle with their confidence, especially when it comes to body image and how others perceive them.

If you’re a lover of health and fitness and want to get back into your old routine, here are 5 simple strategies on staying healthy and active for new moms.

Watch What You Eat

With a baby to look after, you will be forgiven if your diet isn’t your number one concern. Many new moms don’t have the time to whip up healthy and exciting meals, meaning processed foods may be the more convenient option. If you’re ready to get back in shape, it’s best to change your diet and incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables. While junk food may be a pick me up at first, foods full of fat, sugar, and salt will leave you feeling sluggish. Making minor changes to your diet will give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs, especially when performing a workout.

Take Things Slow

If you were a gym-goer before you got pregnant, it’s only natural that you may want to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible. During your pregnancy and labor, your body goes through a lot, so it’s best to take things slow and steady, rather than rushing into intense physical activity. Going back to your old ways can do damage to your body if it’s not used to exercise, so gradually building up your exercise is key.

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Try Something New

Many new moms don’t like the idea of going on a treadmill or hitting the gym, so if you want to become more active, there are lots of unique sports and activities that you can take up. Roller skating provides your body with a complete aerobic workout, which involves all your muscles, helping to boost cardiovascular health. If this sounds like the right sport for you, purchasing roller skates for women is a must before getting started. There are other fun activities you can partake in, too, such as swimming and hockey.

Keep Stress Levels Down

If you’re a first-time mom, the idea of having a little one to care for can be overwhelming. With a baby solely dependent on you, your stress levels can rise, which can have a negative effect on your body and mind. Many new moms perform yoga and meditation, which are known to reduce stress levels and improve your mental wellbeing.

Stay Committed

To reap the benefits of any physical activity, it’s important that you stick at it. With your schedule being taken up with your newborn, taking 30 minutes out of your day for exercise can be highly beneficial. Staying committed to exercise and overcoming obstacles will boost your mindset too.

While there are many health benefits that regular exercise can bring, physical activity for new moms can help keep them alert and focused, meaning your child receives the best care, love, and attention possible.