3 Surprising Benefits of Agave Nectar

By: Adrian Cruce

Did you know that the agave plant is native to the Americas, especially arid regions in Mexico and the Caribbean? 

Although agave is most famous for tequila, the syrup from the plant also makes a great natural sweetener. In addition, unlike honey, agave is a vegan sweetener, making it apt for most diets. And, it’s perfect for baking, adding to your coffee, or even as a topping for pancakes!

Do you know what the benefits of agave are? If not, we invite you to keep reading as we share three of them in this post! 

1. Contains Immune System Boosting Properties

The agave nectar plant contains fructans and saponins, compounds that naturally occur in some plants. These substances have anti-inflammatory properties and even help to fight off bad bacteria. As a result, consuming agave frequently can boost your immune system and your overall health.

However, getting the full benefit of these compounds is only possible with pure agave. So, if you want to know where to buy agave nectar, learn more here.

2. Better for Weight Loss and Managing Diabetes

When you first see compare agave nectar vs sugar, you may assume that they are about the same for weight loss. However, that is far from the truth! 

While white sugar and agave nectar calories are similar, agave syrup is sweeter than white sugar. As a result, you won’t need to use as much sweetener as you normally do in your coffee or tea, saving you a lot of calories over time. 

Moreover, it’s much lower on the glycemic index than other sugar and common substitutes. For example, brown and white sugar are more than 60 on the GI, and honey is over 55. Meanwhile, agave is only about 15. 

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Of course, this is especially important if you have diabetes or want to prevent it due to a genetic predisposition. 

3. Helps You Fight Depression

Agave isn’t a treatment for depression, but it does help by promoting mental health benefits. For example, it contains vitamin K, which lowers the risk for depression. Meanwhile, the folate in agave may ease depression symptoms.  

And, if you’re using agave to replace white sugar, the results will be even more evident. That’s because sugar consumption is linked to anxiety, stress, and depression. So ditching it for an option that is rich in nutrients can make more of a difference than you might expect. 

Experience the Benefits of Agave

Of course, for best results, you’ll need to purchase the best agave nectar, which is organic. So shop for it online or at a local health foods store. And, once you find it, don’t hesitate to make the switch from sugar so you can start to experience the benefits of agave firsthand!

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