3 Home Remedies You Can Also Use on Your Pets!

By: Adrian Cruce

For most of us, pets are family members and we only want what’s best for them that is why we take care of them, we go to periodically veterinary visits, we feed them good quality food and we spend time with them. Despite the fact that every loving pet owner takes care of their pets, there are some small problems, such as dry skin, upset stomach, and allergies that appear and that cannot be avoided, however, there are some home remedies pet owners can use as an alternative to medical treatments if the problem is not severe or as complementary treatments to the medical ones. Here are 3 home remedies you can also use on your pets:

Vitamin E As A Treatment For Dry Skin

Vitamin E is a great home remedy for wrinkles and fine lines but also for dry skin patches that can appear on your face. Most women use vitamin E to fight against these problems caused by aging but vitamin E is a home remedy you can also use on your pets that have dry skin patches. The best way to use vitamin E is to massage it directly on your pet’s skin or to add it to the bath water when you wash your pet. Vitamin E can also be administered orally but make sure you check with your vet if you can give your pet this vitamin and what is the appropriate dosage.

Chamomile Tea For Upset Stomachs

Like humans, pets can get an upset stomach from a variety of reasons and that can include eating too fast, being too anxious or stressed or eating something bad for their organism. The first thing you need to do when your pet has an upset stomach is to learn the cause of the problem. If your pet didn’t ingest something harmful, you can try to treat his upset stomach with a home remedy such as chamomile tea but make sure you monitor your pet and immediately go to a vet if the situation is getting worse.

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Chamomile tea can treat gas, colic or anxiety problems. Some pets suffer from separation anxiety and that is the main reason they have an upset stomach. If you know that is the case for your pet, you should give your pet a little bit of chamomile tea to drink. Chamomile tea is also great for skin or eye irritations because it has a soothing effect so you can apply it warm on the problematic areas to help your pet to feel better.

Fleas Home Remedies

If you have a dog and you are worried about fleas but you don’t want to use the toxic flea repellents you can buy from the pet shop, you can make your own flea remedy at home but make sure your pet is not allergic to lemons. This simple flea home remedy we talk about is basically lemon water. In case you did not know, fleas are repelled by citrus so you can use lemon water as a preventive home remedy but also as a way to make your pet smell refreshing and clean. In order to make this home remedy all you have to do is to pour some boiled water over lemons and to let them in the water overnight. The next morning, remove the lemons from the water and put the water into a spray bottle that will allow you to apply it to your pet’s skin easily.