3 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Start Golfing

By: Dzhingarov

How many times have you watched a golf game on the television and thought that could be a great sport for you to take up? Maybe you’re tired of being the one who is constantly left out when your friends get together for a round of golf and you can’t take part? Then again, maybe you’re just looking for a new sport or hobby to learn, and a way to get outdoors and enjoy some physical activity. There’s no right or wrong reason to want to learn the sport – the whole point is that you get out there and learn.

Before you jump in, there are some essential tips that are perfect for beginners such as yourself.

Sign Up for Golf Lessons

Rather than guess at proper form and stance, which club to use and when, and how to better your game – why not start off on the right foot and sign up for professional golf lessons? As Ernie Rose Golf explains, professional lessons really give you a way to improve your game and build up your confidence. This can be the perfect jumping off point for newbies.

The good thing about golf lessons is that it’s not something you have to keep up with forever, rather you may just want to sign up for sessions as you go and as you look to advance to that next level.

Don’t Rush to Buy Top of the Line Everything

While you may be tempted to head to the store and buy the top of the line everything in terms of equipment, the fact is that it probably isn’t necessary. As a beginner, your needs will likely be quite different than that of an advanced player.

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Starting out with the basics is usually a good place to start. You can then build on your equipment and upgrade the quality once you are more experienced, and once you understand your form and your needs better.

As for what the basics are that you’ll need to start with, you’ll need golf shoes, a set of golf clubs, a bag for the clubs, some golf balls, and tees.

Make a Point of Practicing

The final tip is arguably the most important, and that’s practice. Even with the best most comprehensive lessons, if you aren’t practicing, you’re just not going to improve your game. The professionals didn’t get to that point without practicing, as it’s just part of the process.

In terms of how to practice, you can visit the driving range, purchase a small indoor or outdoor putting green for your house in order to work on putting, and of course, get out on the actual golf course as often as possible.

It Could be Your New Favorite Sport

So, as you enter into the world of golfing, start building the basic skills and techniques, and really working on your practice time, you may just find that this ends up being your favorite sport yet. It’s the kind of sport you can continue to enjoy well into your senior years, as this one has longevity.