Natural Remedies That Reduce Symptoms Of Eczema


Eczema is a condition that many do not actually know much about. Topical remedies tend to work or fail and they are normally hit or miss. With this in mind, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using natural remedies. They have been proven to work well in many cases and can reduce eczema symptoms. Why not consider this since the remedies are widely available and the prices are quite low?

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is definitely one of the wonders of nature. You can use it for your teeth, hair and skin. You can even make soap out of the oil. You need to consider it since it is great for eczema, as long as y ou do not have an allergy to the coconut. All that you have to do is to add the coconut oil as a thin layer on your skin. Alternatively, a special coconut oil lotion bar can help you.

Sea Spray

sea spray

This has been proven to work for people that have been dealing with oozing or wet eczema. In this case you do not want to moisturize. You want to dry the eczema in order to obtain the relief that you want. You can easily use a mixture of magnesium and homemade salt and make it a spray. You surely heard reports about people that feel better when they are near the sea. This does make a lot of sense and such a homemade remedy for eczema can prove to be really good in your case.

Cod Liver Oil – Fermented

Cod Liver Oil – Fermented

This oil does not taste great. You will surely hate it. However, it is a daily supplement that can prove to be great for people suffering for eczema. You normally find it as FCLO and is recommended by many specialists because it is a wonderful healthy fat source. You use it during the remineralization process and will help you to reduce body inflammation while improving brain, hormone and cell development. You will find it as being particularly useful during the pregnancy period.

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Magnesium Baths

Magnesium Baths

There are situations in which water soaking makes eczema worse. If you can tolerate this, you want to consider detox baths, with magnesium baths being high on the list. Just add magnesium flakes or Epsom salts in a combination of some Himalayan salt tablespoons. You just have to relax, take a bath in this great mixture and the symptoms would be reduced. Magnesium oil can also help and there are many recipes that you can find on forums for such magnesium baths.



Probiotics should definitely be consumed more by people. This is a supplement that does help out a lot with general skin health. Gut bacteria has a huge influence on an individual’s health. People used to ferment food in the past. This was bringing in a great probiotics source. Nowadays, food is not fermented and this leads towards a loss in how much probiotics we ingest. As an extra tip, make sure that you wash all your food properly since so many chemicals are used on them these days and they can actually make eczema worse.

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